Comic: A Day in the Park in Zootopia (by DrkChaos)

The 7th or 8th time I watched Zootopia in theaters, I noticed something at the very end that left me with a question: Where did Nick get a new Pawpsicle?  After all, he had gone legit at that point, so he wasn’t making them with Finnick out of melted Jumbo Pops.

Drkchaos here not only provides an answer to that question, but a good look into what might have happened to Finnick after Nick’s sudden career change.

Check out the two-part comic either on deviantart, or after the break!


  1. I always figured Pawpsicles were a legitimate things, but they were simply selling it at an enhanced profit over the original Jumbo-Pop (albeit in the movie it was Judy who paid for it, not Nick). Kinda like someone buying store bought lemon-aid for $3 a bottle, and selling them for $1.50 a cup on the sidewalk.

    • Depends on how legit Nick's papers were, but I guess it's a possibility. The red wood thing was beyond the line regardless, though. Besides, I'm no construction worker, but I do hope there aren't serious side effects to using planks that have been exposed to water, ice and saliva then dried.

      And then there's that moment when you realize Judy could have arrested Nick for stealing berries if she had been attentive enough…

  2. Quality stuff that made me smile through the whole read. Headcanon accepted.

    (Inb4 this gets posted twice in a row again)

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