Art of the Day #9

Welcome to Zootopia! by Pixel Jeff Source [1] Pixel art is a wonderful style.  It’s the puzzle of packing as much detail as you can into the smallest possible space, while still retaining the image you’re trying to convey. Get […]



O. M. Goodness!  I said I expected to reach 20,000 in a few days, not a few hours!  Thank you all so, so, SO much!  This is absolutely incredible!  The site hasn’t even been live for two weeks yet!  Thank […]


Comic Series: Ask the ZPD

There are a few things that I will admit Tumblr is good for.  One of them is the genre of blogs known as Ask Comics, where anyone can ask characters questions and the artist answers them in comic form. Ask […]


Try Everything on Dancing With The Stars!

Source Last night I reported that part of Disney Night on Dancing With The Stars would feature Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe dancing to “Try Everything”.  Well, not only did they dance to the song, but they danced alongside Gazelle […]


Art of the Day #7

Gazelle by atachi00 Source [1] Have some Gazelle and the GlitterTigers (as many of you like calling them)!  Those hips do NOT lie. Get your dose of awesome art after the break! Judy Hopps – Concept Art by Nasirgan Source […]


Story: The Masks We Wear

Source [Romance] [Drama] [Rated T-13]  I love the ending of chapter 4 because I would totally do that to someone.  Scratch that, I have done that to someone. ~ Pre-reader whose name still is not Joe, so stop asking. Author: […]

No Picture

Story: A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On

Source [Drama][Mystery][Romance][Rated M-16][Complete] A Murder Case leads to Nick and Judy getting wrapped up in a political movement.  Doesn’t contain any sexually explicit material, but does go into some detail about prejudice, violence, and abuse.   Also presents arguments regarding Marriage […]