Two Seconds: If Zootopia Were an Anime…

… the intro would probably look like this.  It blows my mind just how creative and imaginative you guys can be.  Just… Oh M. Goodness!  This is just phenomenal!

The song here is “Two Seconds”, a Vocaloid song by MARUDARUMA, and which is sung by GUMI.  The art and music video are by Hiketsu Usagi (@ketuusage2), and the translation was by zcatcracker and LMAbacus.

Seriously, I know most videos aren’t as popular as comics, but it is so amazing you have just got to check it out.  Check out the original here, and get the video with the English Translation after the break!


  1. True story, every time I keep thinking of a Zootopia anime, I feel like I have some perfectly good choices for an English dub. Namely, this:
    Judy-Michelle Ruff
    Nick-Steve Blum
    Bogo-Patrick Seitz
    Clawhauser-Bryce Papenbrook

    If there was more, I forgot. I think I thought of Tony Oliver as Stu, but I can't be too certain on that.

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