Story: The Worst Connection


[Comedy] [Rated K-9]
The author plays with the idea of whether the Zootopia we know and love still works without the Nighthowler case.  It follows the story fairly closely, but uses a different tactic to get Nick and Judy together.  The major beats are still there, but re-contextualized in an interesting way. ~Not A pre-reader

Author: radredknuxfan

Description: In a Zootopia where the Night Howler case never happened, Judy Hopps was just trying to prove herself as a cop when she runs into a con artist named Nick Wilde.  When she tries to take him in, though, she accidentally loses the keys to the cuffs that are keeping them locked together.  Can they find a way to finally separate before they drive each other crazy?

The Worst Connection

Additional Tags: Does the story survive without the case that brought them together?


  1. Hm…I'm going to have to pass on this one. Maybe I'm just nitpicky, but as the entire premise of this story is apparently based on something that no actual trained police officer in their right mind would ever do (i.e., handcuff themselves to a perp), I'm afraid that I can't suspend my disbelief to the point of even getting past the story description.

    • Hi, this is radredknuxfan, the author of this story. While I understand your misgivings about the premise, they're only chained together for about the first half of the story (the first nine chapters). I really think you should give it a chance, if only for what's after, which I think I've done a way better job on.

      Also, I know that no one would be stupid enough to cuff themselves to a perp, but what I intended to show was that her being upset with the way she was being treated combined with it being her first day on the job ended up with her making an incredibly dumb mistake. I apologize if it didn't come across that way.

      Anyway, I really hope that you'd be willing to give it a chance.

    • Well, that sounds fair enough. I'm sorry if I caused you any offense (and for apparently somehow double-posting…?). I don't have much free time to read lots of different stories, so the synopsis is typically all I have to go on; however, I admit that I honestly should know better at this point than to jump to conclusions. Framing it as a first-day "dumb bunny" error does makes sense, though that wasn't my initial interpretation of the description. I may still give your story a shot at some point. "Try everything" and all, right? 😛

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