Comic: Hopps Apartment (Original by nammy)

In earlier drafts of Zootopia, there was a point where Judy got a surprise visit from her family while she was working on the case with Nick- with all the awkwardness that sort of encounter might involve. So it was only a matter of time before somebody took that concept and made a full comic out of it. And boy, what a comic they made. Nick defending Judy to keep her from being sent home packing is the sort of thing I can totally see happening in the alternate universe version of the movie.

Thanks to nammy for the comic, and thanks to LMAbacus for translating and editing it for us!  Check out the original version over on Pixiv, and get the translated version after the break!  (Remember: read right-to-left)


  1. I know this is from a deleted scene, it's cool that someone did a well drawn comic of it, and the two panels at the end are just makin' it beautiful 🙂

  2. The feels are extreme.
    When I first saw the hype about "a deleted scene where WildeHopps was canon" I got so scared.
    Then I saw it was mostly a joke.
    This comic made the ship okay to me.
    I don't understand what's happening…

  3. The last two panels made me cry. Especially Bonnie's words:

    She's finally found someone who's there for her. Our Judy… she's no longer alone.

  4. i really think it was a goofy reason to not use this scene, they should have kept it…. for those who don't know, the reason the ENTIRE thing was trashed in favor of the police force scene (this scene comes after Manchas chased them, Nick was hurt, so Judy brought him back to her place), was because they felt it was silly Judy's dad would have so much power over her. Honestly, so what if her dad thought he could tell her she was coming home? lots of parents still think they have so much power over their children still once they've become adults. That, and it just felt odd that bogo was demanding her badge back even though she still had time to solve the case…

    • From Bogo's point of view, she made up the story of a savage jaguar. A quite massive mobilization of the ZPD during night shift… for nothing.

      So, it's not how much time Judy still had; it was "the last straw".

      Also, Stu had been against Judy joining the ZPD from the outset, but he still couldn't stop her from joining. So, it's kind of illogical for him to suddenly had so much power.

    • again, as I said, a parent thinks they can still control their child's life even when they are an adult, even if that control really doesn't exist. I get the direction they took, i'm not dense, I completely understand why it is the way it is, but i think this scene would have done the movie better, showing more of how much more Judy was coming to trust and value Nick, as well as Nick's standing up for Judy. It would have made the press conference scene that much more emotional as well i believe.

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