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Story Updates: March 28, 2020

  Good afternoon! I hope everyone isn’t going stir-crazy right now, but in case you’re about to get crazy like a fox, have no fear, we’ve got you covered with these brand new updates. If anything, this quarantine should give […]


Story: Flowers

Art by JohnMigle [Rating K9][Fluff][Humor][One-shot] If there’s one thing everyone seems to agree on, it’s the fact that the ZPD definitely has a betting pool on when and if Nick and Judy will date. In another such scenario, we find […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: July 17, 2019

  In case you noticed the little scheduling hiccup earlier today, apologies for any confusion that that may have caused! As we’ve all no doubt experienced before, mistakes happen from time to time. But enough about that, because we need […]


Story: 618 Baobab Boulevard

Art by Alliizoo [Rating K9][Crime][Drama][One-shot] A concise police procedural that follows our intrepid duo as they thwart the work of a covert financial fraudster in Zootopia and try to bring him to justice in the court of law. The characterizations […]

Caring for a Baby with the Blues

Story: Caring for a Baby with the Blues

Art by FurryLovePup [Rating T13][Humor][Slice of Life][Fluff][One-shot] Police officers usually have to contend with plenty of matters in their daily routines, and looking after a distraught baby at the station is one that certainly takes the cake. What’s more outstanding […]

End of Days
Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: July 11, 2019

  Summer is in full swing, and it’s hot hot HOT, just like all the new chapters of these recently updated stories. We have familiar faces in the form of “Ouroboros,” “Futures Past” and “The Fire Triangle,” newcomer “Clockwork Little […]

Clockwork Little Madness

Story: Clockwork Little Madness

Art by Empressimperia [Rating M16][Adventure][Horror][Mystery][Suspense][AU][Sequel] The Rain of Blue Petals trilogy prowls on ahead with the next story in its ferocious take on the T.A.M.E. collar universe! Just like a strategic game of chess, the characters and twists are expertly […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: May 18, 2019

  Hope everyone is having a fine weekend! Only one updated story to show for over the past few days, but it’s a story that we haven’t heard from in quite a while. In fact, it’s one that holds the […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: May 15, 2019

  Another day, another batch of updated Zootopia fanfics headed your way. It’s a cycle that just keeps on going, and we’re so thankful for that! So, dive right on in to these new chapters to see what’s in store […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: April 10, 2019

  Good afternoon, everybody! Springtime is in full swing, so there’s nothing spending your day by kicking back and reading a good story. Extra points if you’re reading outside and enjoying the breeze, too! Also, from the looks of things, […]


Story: Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Santa Clawed

[Rating K9][Humor][Holiday][Incomplete] A great follow-up story to the previous featured “Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Christmas in Bunnyburrow”, we now find Nick back into the midst of Judy’s hometown, this time undercover as the good ol’ jolly Santa and assigned […]


Story: Boys Like You

[Rating T13][Romance][Drama][AU][Complete] A smooth-talking slacker finally meets his match: a try-hard bunny who’s, well, different from the others. In this salient high school AU, students Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps go from calculus class acquaintances to something more over the […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: 22 November 2018

It’s fall, y’all, and winter is fast approaching! What better way to pass the time than to sit down with a good piece of Zootopia fanfiction, just like the ones we have for you today. Empressimperia, Merc_Marten, Darkflamewolf, TrentonMixLee and […]