Story: Tiny

Art by TurningTides

[Rating T13][Fluff][Angst][Drama][Slice of Life]

Do not let the title mislead you, as Pandora introduces a new potential member to the Hopps family, a rather ginormous Flemish Giant rabbit who will soon be Judy’s new brother-in-law. But with the law bun playing the maid of honor, Nick taking the new guy under his wing, and the general chaos of the Hopps kerfluffle, who knows where this might end up? Check and see for yourself in this awesome story to find out! ~J_Shute

Author: Pandora (paperclipbutterfly)

Description :
Judy’s wayward sister and littermate Jackie comes home to put the finishing touches on her country-themed wedding to her fiancé. Though it’s hardly a shotgun wedding, certain details about her new beau seem to have been overlooked… like the fact that he is a Flemish Giant who stands a head taller than even Nick. Marriage vows are imminent as the Hoppses grapple with this familiar and yet alien sort of mammal that is about to join their family tree.


Additional Tags: Dutch jokes included. BIG BUN INBOUND.