Story: The Punk of Podunk

Art by paintkettle

[Rating T13][Romance][Drama][AU][Complete]

It’s been over four years since Zootopia came out, and if you want any proof that people still love it, then I can do no better than point them to ‘The Punk of Podunk,’ an outstanding AU story with a great premise and a dedicated author. Nick Wilde, thanks to the right friends, is an aspiring but struggling officer sent to the burrows, a place where things are drastically different from the city he had hoped to serve in. But when he meets a local delinquent, a wholly new but utterly brilliant version of these characters is able to quite literally play out. Definitely worth the look. ~J_Shute

Author: she_dies_at_the_end

Description :
When rookie cop, Nick Wilde, gets his first assignment as sheriff of Bunnyburrow, he finds himself butting heads with the local punk, Judy Hopps. Though their first interactions are rocky, he quickly comes to realize that there’s more to this rabbit than meets the eye when she holds his ticket back home to the city.

The Punk of Podunk

Additional Tags: New Nick, New Judy, New Dreams.