Story: A Christmas Love Tail

Art by HB_runo

[Rating T13][Romance][Holidays][One-shot]

Ah, the holidays. With weather getting colder (at least for us up in the north), perhaps that’s why we need something comfy and fuzzy to warm up with. StoryCrusader’s bit of WildeHopps festive fluff satisfies that requirement nicely by showing a little of how the ZPD spends their Christmas, just as Nick and Judy hit a turning point in their lives… ~Metro

Author: StoryCrusader

Description :
It is Christmas Eve. Judy wakes up to go to work, leaving to meet her partner, Nick, who is also her boyfriend. A year of being in the relationship, Nick starts to act weird that Christmas Eve. What is he planning? He is hiding something from her. What? She tries to ignore it. Little does she know that Nick is planning to do something that is going to change their lives forever.

A Christmas Love Tail

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