Story: Children of Janus

Art by giftheck

[Rating T13][Sci-Fi][Action][Sequel]

After the Terminator-inspired time-travel hijinks of ‘Futures Past,’ giftheck follows up on his story of the fox who came from the future to save the past. Nick and Judy may think that it’s all over and they can live normal lives, but once you time travel, always you time travel, and unforeseen ripples of the future are flowing back to make their lives interesting. Fortunately, a certain vixen and striped bunny are caught up in it too, and all too ready to help figure this new madness out in this thrilling sequel. ~J_Shute

Author: giftheck

Description :
Jack Savage comes across a portal, and through that portal, he finds out about the future and meets some unexpected faces. Meanwhile, Nick and Judy are investigating a series of murders. Are the two connected?

Children of Janus
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