Story: What Do I Stand For?

Art by MamaSally

[Rating T13][Angst][Police Procedural][One-shot]

This story is a simple one-shot, taking place right in the middle of the movie. Dealing with a bit heavier of a premise, the author does a fantastic job relaying an accurate internal monologue from Officer Hopps. Showing some of the aftermath of the violent attacks, this could easily have been a deleted scene from the film. ~GorganCM

Author: MamaSally

Description :
After the press conference, Judy Hopps has to sit and watch the city she loves burn. During an interview with a survivor of an attack by a feral predator, she realizes just how much this has not just affected the animals she knows, but also herself…

What Do I Stand For?

Additional Tags: Interviewing victims isn’t easy, but it’s part of the job.