Story: To Mend a Broken Hart

Art by Piti Yindee

[Rating T13][Mystery][Crime][Romance][Drama][Complete]

The Zootopia fandom has always centered around our favorite rabbit and fox, so sometimes it’s nice to watch them take a back seat and delve into the minds of some of the less prominent characters from the film. ‘To Mend a Broken Hart’ does just that, diving deep into the mind and past of Leodore Lionheart as well as the mammals around him to describe exactly why he acted the way he did. ~usernamesweretaken

Author: Nievelion

Description :
Just why was Leodore Lionheart so determined to keep the savage mammals a secret, what was he truly hiding? The answer will not only shed new light on his actions, and offer hope of redemption, but be critical in helping Nick and Judy once more save Zootopia from species division and chaos.

To Mend a Broken Hart
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