Story: Savage Seas

Art by TheBlueberryCarrots

[Rating T13][Adventure][Mystery][Complete]

Nick and Judy have some competition! Follow Zootopia’s other fox-rabbit pair as they tackle a savage mammal crisis of their own in a completely different part of the world. The comfortable length of less than 20k words is short enough to be a quick read, and Dvatonyska’s stellar characterization and banter between our favorite arctic fox and hare will surely have you wanting more. ~usernamesweretaken

Author: Dvatonyska

Description :
In the top secret Hyams Abbey Royal Espionage Service, or HARES for short, an uneasy partnership forms between a naïve Northern hare and a well-experienced but stubborn vixen. We follow them as they investigate reports that on a Polynesian island: the local mammals are turning savage, similarly to the events of the Nighthowler Crisis in Zootopia, and along with the help of the local chief constable – it’s up to Jack and Skye to solve it.

Savage Seas
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