Story: Of Heists & Hustles 3: Of Hope and Hatred

Art by slightly-gay-pogohammer and IronicSnap

[Rating T13][Adventure][Sci-Fi][Humor][Crime][Crossover]

Things come best in threes, and crossovers are no exception. For all you fans of IronicSnap’s awesome and hilarious Zootopia-Sly Cooper crossover series, the third installment is everything you love plus more, which includes another beloved franchise joining in on the fun. What awaits you here is a legendary enemy returning to cast its shadow over the city. Or does it? If this fic is as cunning and sly as its predecessors, who can say? The only certainty is that you’ll have fun finding out. ~J_Shute

Author: IronicSnap

Description :
The obligatory threequel. Carmelita finds herself leading the charge when a shadow from Sly’s past falls over Zootopia. Alongside an ace pilot with his own stakes in the fight, our heroes must rise higher than ever before. But if Judy’s gone, and Nick’s gone, who’s protecting the city…?

Of Heists & Hustles 3: Of Hope and Hatred
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Additional Tags: Judy may know how to take down a rhino, but even this is too much!

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