Story: Vootopia

Art by iPoke

[Rating M16][Drama][Supernatural][Complete]

Judy is sensing a bad juju here, as it turns out that magic isn’t just confined to Halloween. For this spooky story, ubernoner weaves together an intriguing and fun tale where it turns out that the supernatural, from veritable voodoo to the style that one Indy Jones would approve of, is alive, kicking, and pretty damn common. And Judy is getting thrown right into the deep end, with only the help of some expected (and unexpected) friends to see her through. ~J_Shute

Author: ubernoner

Description :
Look between the cracks of society, listen over the din of the crowd. There is a world you never imagined just beyond your senses, if you know where to find it.


Additional Tags: Puts a spell on you. Best fic ever! (No, the author is not using a voodoo doll to make me write this.)