Special Art of the Day: Halloween, 2020

Pumpkins by TheNightManager
Source [1]

Greetings, fans of Zootopia.  Such a pleasant surprise to see you here; we do not get many visitors to our castle, especially on such a dark and dreary night as this.

Please…do come in; we bid you welcome to our 2020 Spook-topia Collection. Enjoy…and wisely, do not forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Mr. Elfman? Some appropriate music, if you please.


First up, the concept art from the original ‘tame collar’ version of Zootopia included some seriously spooky pieces.

Alley 2-b by Armand Serrano
Source [2]

Animalia Rite by Matthias Lechner
Source [3]

Some of the artwork that made it into the final film carried a menacing tone as well…especially the concept pieces for the Cliffside Asylum.

Guard Shack2 by Jim Martin
Source [4]

Moving on to the fanart, here are some pics of Judy, done up for Halloween

Witchy Judy Hopps by @ac_doodlebot
Source [5]

A slightly more sexy version of the above theme…

Put a Spell on You by @official_radaq
Source [6]

Double, double…toil and trouble.
(This is the real thing you know, from Shakespeare.)

Seasoning of the Witch by birchly
Source [7]

Now, let’s go celebrate the holiday with Nick, shall we?

Little Nick goes trick-or-treating with his buds.  If I were you, I’d be generous with this crew.

Pack On The Hunt by DomasArts
Source [8]

Ahhhh, Boo yourself, fox!

Halloween Foxy by Leto
Source [9]

Here’s one of Nick as a ghost.

Who Are You? by TheWyvernsWeaver
Source [10]

And two of him as a zombie.

Dead-Not-Dead by KungFuFreak07
Source [11]

Decay by @birchlyart
Source [12]

And, last but not least, the ever-popular image of Nick Wilde as a vampire.

Count Nick Dracula by Mew-Me
Source [13]

And here he is again, this time in company with a vampire Gideon Grey.

Party Night by bearlovestiger13
Source [14]

Here we have Nick in a little-seen, but very scary film called ‘Unfriended’.

Zooloween Unfriended: Zootopian Nightmare by FairytalesArtist
Source [15]

And now it’s time to bring Nick and Judy together.  After all, who wants to be alone on Halloween?

Nick-O-Lantern by @sagara_shino
Source [16]

To start off this gallery, here are Nick and Judy, getting their Halloween costumes on.

Happy Spooktober by @_Riska_Art
Source [17]

Bunny unclear of the concept.

Spoopy by @Athorist
Source [18]

We’ll have more on this theme later.

Costume Tryouts #6 by Knoton13
Source [19]

♪ “Da, da-da, da-da, Inspector Gadget.” ♫

WildeHopptober Costume Try-On #1 by Knoton13
Source [20]

Without a doubt, the most popular Zootopia Halloween meme is Witch-Judy and Vampire-Nick

Trick or Treat 3 by いーあーさん
Source [21]

ハロウィンに向けてアイコン変える~💕👻🎃 by @poki_o_o_o
Source [22]

Nick and Judy on Halloweem by CrossCat
Source [23]

Halloween 2019 by @nin0318
Source [24]

For a little change of pace, here’s Judy as a witch, with Nick as the Frankenstein Monster

Thematic Thursday – Halloween by @Asigart
Source [24a]
And here are both of them in zombie form.

Happy Halloween three by ぽきち
Source [25]

And as ghosts.  Hmmm, who ya gonna call?

Bootopia by タカツマ
Source [26]


Who you gonna call? by TheNightManager
Source [27]

“Nick-ho tep!  Nick-ho-tep!”

Antiguo Egipto by TheNoblePirate
Source [28]

Nick as a zombie again, but this time with Judy as her regular self.

The General’s Daughter and the Walker by KungFuFreak07
Source [29]

Nick and Judy, with Jack and Skye, in a Stranger Things crossover.

Day 26: Dark by @afruitvegetable
Source [30]

For me the scariest Halloween movies are the ones where the protagonists can’t quite see what’s stalking them. (Alien, A Quiet Place, etc.)

Zootopia Horror Evil by @official_radaq
Source [31]

Next up, a short series of Halloween crossovers

Here’s a couple of fun pics — Zootopia X Hazbin Hotel.

Hazootopia2 by @StrawberryXPimp
Source [32]

Hazootopia1 by @StrawberryXPimp
Source [33]

And of course, we must have some Zootopia X Nightmare Before Christmas mashups.

上げ直しごめんなさい _( :⁍ 」 )_ by @poki_o_o_o
Source [34]

Nick Skellington and Jully by RobCivecat
Source [35]

And with that in mind, let’s move on to some Halloween pics featuring a few of the other members of the Zootopia gang.

Here’s Finnick as Zero, Jack Skellington’s dog.

Zero Finnick by @poki_o_o_o
Source [36]

Alas, poor Yor-Nick…

Finnick O’Lantern by Mortic Ox
Source [37]

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “…but aren’t they all witches on the inside?”

Bewitching Gazelle by Mew-Me
Source [38]

Recognize this kid?  He’s the leopard boy from Judy’s Talent Show skit, the one that wanted to be an actuary when he grew up,

Hello Knight by shtrix-kot
Source [39]

Jack Savage as a Were-Rabbit vs. a Vampire Bunny.

Vampire and Werewolf by AngelAndDevil
Source [40]

Little Skye as a vampire-fox.

Skye the Vamp by foxefuel
Source [41]

And finally….

“But…But mom always said the way to a mammal’s heart is through his stomach.”
“Hmmm, you’re new at this, aren’t you?”

Jack, Vampire Hunting by @foxefuel
Source [42]

Until next time…


  1. [30] Not stranger things. It’s the same style from the survival video game “Don’t starve Together” I’d recognize it anywhere.

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