Comic: The Sheep & The Fox (By: djanthony9000)


Man, this year really hasn’t been one to let up, has it? With another possible lockdown on the horizon for some of us, finding ways to kill the time is more important than ever. I don’t know about you all, but I can’t think of any better ways to pass the time than by appreciating some of the fine works of the fandom community.

Works such as those by the talented DomJAnthony, remember that guy? ZNN featured a number of his works in the past including The Zootopia Bake-Off and Papa Gideon, both of which were looks into the lives of Gideon and Sharla. Well, I’m pleased to inform you that he’s back once again with his latest and possibly most ambitious piece yet, The Sheep & The Fox.

As per usual, you can expect the mix of fluff, angst, and quality art that have come encompass DomJAnthony’s style of comic writing as we continue to explore the lives of Sharla and Gideon Grey. Bear witness as the two reflect on their past and how they came together, continue working to raise a family, save the city, meet up with old and new friends, err…wait, back up a sec, what was that bit about saving the city?

As if these two hadn’t accomplished enough already, it seems like Gideon and Sharla can now add being heroes to their expanding list of accomplishments. Careful Nick and Judy, these two may just give you both a run for your money!

Check out all their struggles and adventures over on DeviantArt. You’ll be in for one crazy ride!