Art of the Day #484: Even More Disney Crossovers

Kimthepancham by BearonCommissions
Source [1]

Today’s Featured Image is quite possibly the oldest Zootopia crossover pic in existence; it was created on October 30, 2015.  (That’s more than three months before Zootopia’s US release.) 

And that brings us to the subject of this week’s Art of the Day.  Hello again, everyone; it’s time for yet another Zootopia X Disney crossover collection.

For this one we’re casting a wide net, coupling Zootopia with not only some of the other Disney animated features, but also their live action films, (including movies from Disney-owned franchises.)  Likewise, we’ll be including crossovers with some of The Disney Afternoon cartoons, a video-game, and also the Disney canon characters.  We even have a crossover-pic that should come as no small surprise to a lot of folks.  (You’ll see it.)

And now, enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We start with where it all began for the Disney animated features.  “Magic mirror, on the wall…”

🍎ニックと女王様ジュディ by @mortic_ox
Source [2]

I-I-I wouldn’t eat that, if I were you.

Snow White Finnick by モーティコ
Source [3]

Finnick in Wonderland.  Not sure who Nick is supposed to be.

Finnick In Wonderland by モーティコ
Source [4]

Yes, I know…we already dedicated an entire album to Zootopia X Robin Hood.   We don’t care; you can never have too many of these.

ruining generations by rileyboi
Source [5]

Nick and Robin by @uochandayo
Source [6]

Kind of stretching it here, we know, but it’s such a cool pic.

Sovereign’s War by NozomiNoYami
Source [7]

Maid Marion channels Judy.

Marian by Luryry
Source [8]

How Nick talked him into THIS one, we have no idea.

CM Storytime for Finnick by ArtieCanvas
Source [9]

Moving on to some of the more recent Disney animated features….

Of course, if anyone else ever calls her a beast…he’ll rip their lungs out.

Dawn and The Beast by RingingCowBell82
Source [10]

Finnick is looking like, “Ahhh, go peddle your OWN pawpsicles, Nick.”

Pride by Jailbird
Source [11]

Here’s a crossover we haven’t seen much, (only one other time, if memory serves.) Zootopia and Pocahontas

Pochahontas by Craig Sharp
Source [12]

…and one we’ve seen many times..

Santa Baymax by モーティコ
Source [13]

…and one we’ve seen a zillion times, (though never quite like this.)

Finnick and Judy as Anna and Elsa by モーティコ
Source [14]

That’s what they SAY….but what are they thinking?  (Cynical…ME?)

Dinner at The Oscars by KendallCollins
Source [15]

When talking about Disney Animation, you can’t ignore the Pixar films.

Nick and Judy in the opening sequence from UP.

Nick and Judy UP by @SummerBun2112
Source [16]

Bogo and Finnick seem to be having a stare-off here; my money’s on the little guy.

Zootopia outfits by @amrm_works
Source [17]

Continuing with the slightly macabre theme of the last image, here’s Nick, together with Jack Skellington.

Nick for Practice…and Jack by @Disney_Kogaki
Source [18]

Next up, we present some crossovers between Zootopia and a few of the lesser Disney animated features.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Judy Hopps (as Kida) in the Crystal Chamber by AlexAceves30
Source [19]

Brother Bear

Brother Bear Crossover by @delinick_reon
Source [20]

 An Extremely Goofy Movie.  (This one went direct-to-video.)

Shake Your Groove Thing by lobowupp
Source [21]

Now, let’s move on to a gallery of pics showing Zootopia crossed with some of the live-action Disney films.

That’s Captain Nick Sparrow, if you please.

Pirates of the Caribbean by Ganym0
Source [22]

As everyone knows, Disney owns the MCU, and so….

Iron Fox. by ky-jane
Source [23]


Black Panther by DSS-Dogsport
Source [24]

Nick and Judy as Hawkeye and The Black Widow

Zoovengers by janjin192
Source [25]

Needless to say, we can’t mention the MCU without paying tribute to THIS guy.

Nick and Rocket Raccoon by Ryu312
Source [26]

Admission:  $35.00  Costumes: $100.00  The Expression on Nick’s face: Priceless!

Fan Bun by Mechagen
Source [27]

And, of course, The House of Mouse also owns the Star Wars franchise.  (We’re only including crossovers with Episodes 7 through 9 here; episodes 1-6 came before the Disney acquisition.)

A Zootopia Star Wars Crossover by florenze
Source [28]

Zootopia Vs Star Wars VII by emalterre
Source [29]

This one could be a quintuple crossover.  Balloo appeared in The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, and most recently, had the starring role in the Disney Afternoon series, Talespin.

Commission The Force Awakens, Cosplay by RetroUniverseArt
Source [30]

And that brings us to some more Zootopia X Disney Afternoon crossovers.

Gadget looks good in a ZPD uniform, don’tcha think?

Gadget Cosplays Judy by @kurokuma824
Source [31]

Trust me, Benjamin…you don’t wanna know the answer to that question.

X-Over Buddy Cops by starlite-decay
Source [32]

On to video games.  (Okay, video GAME!)

Here’s a Kingdom Hearts crossover.

stack by XiamTheFerret
Source [33]

We wrap things up with a series of Zootopia X Disney-Canon crosses

♪ “Who’s got the sweetest dispositionnnnn…?” ♫

Finnick Does Donald by @ezumi_mh
Source [34]

I searched soooo hard to find this pic.  A Zootopia X Goofy Crossover was the Holy Grail for this collection.

Meeting Goofy by モーティコ
Source [35]

Jason Bateman with Minnie.

Jason And Minnie by @stitchkingdom
Source [36]

And Shakira with Mickey

Shakira and Mickey by @stitchkingdom
Source [37]

And finally….

Yep…believe it or not, this IS a Disney Crossover.  ‘Who Wants To be a Miliionaire?’ was created, produced, and broadcast by ABC Television–another Disney property.  It was the network’s first runaway hit following the buyout; arguably the show that sparked the Reality-TV Craze of the early 2000’s.

Nick Wilde on Who Wants to be a Millionaire by DrewManDew
Source [38]

Until Next Time…