Art of the Day #486: The Colors of Autumn, 2020

Autumn in Zootopia by @DantesLunte
Source [1]

Hello again everybody….and welcome to our 2020 Autumn Fanart Collection.

Better hold on to your scarves, folks….because here comes some awesome Zootopia Fall fanart.  For this year’s gallery we were lucky enough to see some of our favorite artists posting new Autumn fanart to the net.  Among the pics on display in today’s collection are works by Qalcove, Link6432, Juan TriForce, Samur Shalem…and a relatively new face on the Zootopia fanart scene, Dantes Lunte, who created our Featured Image.  It would not be pushing it to say that this may be our best Colors of Autumn gallery yet.

But don’t just take our word for it; scroll down and see for yourself.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Mr. Young?  Music, if you please.


We open with a gallery of Autumn pics featuring everyone’s favorite bunny-cop.

Coffee seems to be the major theme for Zootopia Fall Fanart this year.  (We’ll have more on the subject later.)

Judy in the Park CU by @LunaticWabbit
Source [2]

Thinking about a certain fox, are we?

More Autumn Stuff by @EngineTrap
Source [3]

The perfect accompaniment to a nippy October morning.

A comforting Sip by Knoton13
Source [4]

Hang-Out Wear by いーあーさん
Source [6]

…and her Fall casuals.

And now, here’s some Fall-themed Nick Wilde pics.

That’s the way to greet Autumn, Nick

Nick Wilde by crunchybeast
Source [7]

Nick loves this time of year…when the leaves change color to match his fur.

Refreshing Nature by TechECoyote98
Source [8]

And, of course, the advent of Fall means that Nick gets to indulge in his favorite breakfast….FRESH blueberry flapjacks

Cappucino by runo
Source [9]

…but much as he likes the season, he still has duties to perform.

Responsible adult Nick by @SamurShalem
Source [10]

Okay, now let’s get Nick and Judy together, shall we?

Big, long scarves were made for sharing.

Scarf2Share by rikuo
Source [11]

A mellow Fall evening, when the kids are out and about.

Night in Zootopia by theblueberrycarrots
Source [12]

These next two pics are simply breathtaking.

Autumn…when the fields turn to gold…

Hillside in the Fall. by ごま
Source [13]

…and the leaves turn to gold and beaten copper.

Fall Bridge by ごま
Source [14]

Autumn is a great time for being with that special friend.

I love you!!! by link6432
Source [15]

…a time for strolling together through the Fall colors…

Autumn Meet-Up by いーあーさん
Source [16]

…and the crisp Autumn air.

Strolling (patreaon) by yelnatsdraws
Source [17]

…and keeping each other warm.

A Comforting Kiss by Knoton13
Source [18]

The Autumn sky can be amazing.

Autumn Sky by @noko_ume_
Source [19]

You can gaze at it for hours through the Fall foliage.

Kicking Back In The Leaves by
Source [20]

Mind you though, not every Fall activity works out perfectly

The Zoowing by Wednesday2021
Source [21]

As we mentioned above, Autumn is the perfect season to visit your favorite coffee nook.

WildeHopps 2020 Calendar Submission by juantriforce
Source [22]

…and share a cup of your favorite harvest brew….

Fall by Lucky13spirits
Source [23]

…providing, of course, that you’re willing to share.  (Now Nick, be nice.)

Gimme! by @SamurShalem
Source [24]

There…THAT’S better.

Bun-fight by ADOPT_EMPIRE
Source [25]

Better get that leaf off your nose fast, Nick…before Judy can get to her cell-phone camera.

By a Nose by @QalcoveArt
Source [26]

It should be noted that Nick and Judy aren’t the only fox and bunny that enjoy a nice Autumn walk, and a steaming cup of Java.

Stream Stuff by @ittybittykt
Source [27]

Did we mention that Fall is a great time for toasting ‘mallows over a fire.

Marshmallow Roastin by Credens-Vita
Source [28]

…or whatever other nummy strikes your fancy.

Toasty by rikuo
Source [29]

Here’s Skye again, wrapped up for Autumn.

SkyeFall by @foxefuel
Source [30]

And here’s rare one; a fall pic of Gideon Grey’s little ferret-buddy Travis.  (There’s very little fanart of this guy on the net.)

When Summer Ends by EvanSKVRL
Source [31]

And finally…

And so, as the first flakes of snow begin to wend their way through the late Autumn breeze, we offer a fond farewell to the Fall of 2020
…and give thanks that the END of this dumpster-fire of a year is finally getting closer!

Never got back around to finish this. So…🍁🍂🍁 by @PeashyPeach
Source [32]

Until next time…here’s a little sneak-peak of our upcoming Zinktober collection.

Day 8 – Bridge RedInk by @RedInk022
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