Art of the Day #316

Zootopia 3rd Anniversary!! by @do2910na
Source [1]

This cannot be said too many times.
Happy third anniversary to the Disney animated film most deserving of a sequel!

Are you listening, Mr. Iger? I mean… three years on and folks are still producing all kinds of great new Zootopia fanart. (Today’s is only the latest random collection, and we’ve already got pics enough for next week’s album.) Doesn’t that say something about how much interest there is for a Zootopia 2?

Check ’em out for yourself, and don’t forget to show the original arts some love by clicking on the source links


Bright 2 by Francesa ictbs
Source [2]

Unknown by @oibib_gs
Source [3]

Unknown by @hnab29
Source [4]

Unknown by @uochandayo
Source [5]

Unknown by @arley_dog
Source [6]

Let’s trade by @FloatingLiights
Source [7]

Captain Bunnvel by The Night Manager
Source [8]

Unknown by @ahiru621
Source [9]

Bunny’s warehouse by HornbillKun
Source [10]

Es Como Magia by DannyDukeHazard
Source [11]

Clawhauser 3D Head Bust by Reyriders
Source [12]

Judy Hopps by rupalulu
Source [13]

A Kind Gesture… by Crocoze
Source [14]

Shared Heart by OsakaOji
Source [15]

Fru Fru Sketch by Jusu-Tengu
Source [16]

Claw houser Plushie by kibblesdraws
Source [17]

Nick Wild Plushie by kibblesdraws
Source [18]

K-pop by Xray-Mail
Source [19]

You should see the OTHER guy by コマツコ
Source [20]

More Disney Foxes by ゆっくん
Source [21]

Sand buddies by raycox09
Source [22]

just in the NICK of time by runo
Source [23]


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