Story: Animals

art: tytoz

Art: tytoz


By: Mattchewy

This is a bit of a weird one; try to keep up. In the world of “Animals,” there are many dimensions, some similar to our own, and some akin to what we’ve seen in the Zootopia film. And in this world, characters like Rocket Raccoon — you know, the Guardians of the Galaxy guy? Bradley Cooper but a trash panda? — co-exist alongside guys like Jack Savage. The result is a story with quite its share of crossovers, OCs and intriguing settings, but it all comes back to Zootopia — and fear not for those who note a distinct lack of more familiar characters from that universe, because we’re told that’s not necessarily permanent. Rated M-16 for some adult themes, language and violence. ~YFWE

Description: Chicago is gripped by a terrible killing, one that brings together a former cop-turned-government agent, two coyote siblings, and a gun-crazy raccoon. As the secrets get darker, the team is forced to face the dark side of the world created by those who are weak… and those who are strong.


Additional tags: rocket in the zootopia world makes SO MUCH SENSE like you don’t even really have to change him!

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