Story: Guardian Blue: Season 2

Art: Fox-Comics on Tumblr

[Mystery][Police Work][Detectives][T-13][Complete][Sequel]

By: Alps_Sarsis

Lost, Fringe, 24 and Game of Thrones — these are regarded as some of TV’s best shows. Add Guardian Blue to that list to make it complete! With a fantastic and gripping story that twists and turns in so many different ways, plus the incredibly accurate personalities of Nick and Judy, Season 2 packs an even bigger punch then the first season did. This a story you do NOT want to skip! ~GorganCM

Description: Judy is still reeling from the events of the last month, and she is very much ready for things to calm down so she can recover and also come to terms with how she feels about the fox she nearly lost. But when it rains, it pours. They will take an assignment that challenges their comfort zones, and they will uncover a plot that may go beyond Zootopia itself, and into the most untamed reaches of their world.

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Additional tags: Baa Baa black sheep


  1. I LOVE this story. This is my number one story, easy. First one i read after seeing the movie, still in love with it, still kinda hoping someone will continue it.. Read it, it’s great

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