Creative Profiles #2: BerriiAzul

Welcome back for another edition of Creative Profiles! Last time we featured the artist known as kykez87 on DeviantArt. Today, we’ll feature a second artist coming from that site, this time…

BerriiAzul !!

This is an artist I enjoy due to the short comics that they’ve created, which are either humorous, fluffy, or both, as well as what I like to call “applicable art.”

No Pain No Gain

I think you get the meaning from the above comic. Their art makes a great use of light and colors within each drawing and comic, creating engaging backgrounds that really spice up the drawings quite nicely.

They also draw Nick and Judy quite well,and are adept with perspective drawings, such as “3 Years of Keeping the City Safe

3 Years of Keeping the City Safe

All in all, this is an artist that is well worth checking out, as their comics are wonderful to read, the emotions displayed by the characters spot on throughout each drawing, and their use of light and perspective really help to make their artwork come alive.

So go on and check out BerriiAzul over on DeviantArt! You’ll be glad you did! (Especially if you check out Dinosaurs, as I’m fairly certain most everyone will love that one.)