Comic Dub: Big Time Comic Dub (by: Cas VoiceActs)

Confession time, ZNN crew: I’ve never watched a minute of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I’m overdosed on cop shows, and comedies — and that’s both! But that is nothing against the show; I just have the curmudgeon gene and like watching reruns of Dragnet.

However, from all I’ve seen it’s a brilliant bit of police procedural skewering and would absolutely, without a doubt, be a perfect for for our favorite mammals. Zootopia Zero-One, as it were.

To that end, CasVoiceActs has made a dub of a short, Brooklyn Nine-Nine comic originally by Frava8, and created as a lovely birthday gift. See there, loyal watchers, the heart of this community?

Enjoy some Judy and Nick, with a surprise guest!

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