Story Updates: March 6, 2019

Art: TheWyvernsWeaver

Y’all were busy these last few days!

As such, so, too, will be you, the readers. Unless there’s nothing here that strikes your fancy. In which case, uh… go read Water Under the Bridge for the hundredth time? I dunno. (Shouts to that story, tho.)

Here’s what we’ve got — some that have been updated quite frequently lately, others that haven’t shown up ’round these parts as often. Good variety, too. Real beauts.

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Updated stories:
H&H2: Of Help and Hauntings by IronicSnap
Major Crimes: Triad by Lothar Hex
The (Not So) Great Outdoors by radredknuxfan
Ouroboros: The Endless Cycle by WANMWAD
When the Stars Align by TrentonMixLee
Hammer to Fall by TheCatweazle
The Dead Waltz by YFWE


H&H2: Of Help and Hauntings
Ch. 20: My Lullaby
Also on AO3

Major Crimes: Triad
Ch. 13: Pale Horse
Also on AO3

The (Not So) Great Outdoors
Ch. 21
Also on AO3

Ouroboros: The Endless Cycle
Ch. 25
Also on AO3

When the Stars Align
Ch. 9: Fatal Flaw
Also on AO3

Hammer to Fall
Ch. 24: In Their Midst

The Dead Waltz
Ch. 8: Wait By the River
Also on AO3