Art of the Day # 317; Zootopia-Pokémon

nick and judy pokemon version by Januarycatt
Source [1]

Pokémon, the highest grossing media franchise of all time (according to Wikipedia).

Since its first introduction as a Nintendo Gameboy app in 1996, Pokémon has become a worldwide phenomenon, spawning TV shows, feature films, trading cards. and many more game versions, including the now-legendary Pokémon Go, and also Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Just recently, one of the newest Pokémon characters, Scorbunny, was trending on Twitter.

And on May 10, of course, the live action Detective Pikachu movie will be hitting the screen .

And so today we present a collection of Zootopia X Pokémon crossover art.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists tome love by clicking on the source links.


Nick caught a rare Pikachu! by mattnyc816
Source [2]

Officer Judy by slickpuppy
Source [3]

Catch ’em All by 犬耳もえ太
Source [4]

Judy Meets Glaceon by briskby
Source [5]

ZOOTOPIA character in pokemon world will be look like by huiro
Source [6]

Nice to see you by kirbopher
Source [7]

Hang in there by kirbopher
Source [8]

Fusion – Nikachu by alerkina4the5th
Source [9]

Zootopia (Pokemon Version) by SoniaKitsune
Source [10]

Bunny Plus Fox Equals… by ChaoRA
Source [11]

Zootopia Pokemon by MeckelFoxStudio
Source [12]

ポケモン風ズートピア by kit90126
Source [13]

Bunny in action X3 by plzgaiasrebirth
Source [14]

Zootopia x Pokemon by BaniAndKuma
Source [15]

Zootopia x Pokemon by Gassy-Liang
Source [16]

Into the Pokemon world by thedarksahdow 1990
Source [17]

Zootopia x Pokemon – Manchas Luxray by Gassy-Lian
Source [18]

zootopia X pokemon crossover by pikapika212
Source [19]

Finnickin by kenket
Source [20]

Talking down by asayaminoru
Source [21]

Talking Up by asayaminoru
Source [22]

Natural Enemies by DrBackman
Source [23]

Zootopia Alolan Raichu icon for Simba by RoseTheUnicorn
Source [24]

Pokeytopia 1 by xael_chameleraptor
Source [25]

Commission – Lucario (Zootopia Edition) by Banzatou
Source [26]


  1. Talking Up by asayaminoru… Nick be like… “Did I really have THAT much to drink, last night?”

  2. This actually gave me an idea: what if Zootopia had a show that was basically a cross between Pokémon and My Hero Academia? Considering the vast array of heteromorphic Quirks (e.g. having extra arms or looking like a reptile) present in MHA, and the fact that nearly everyone would have some kind of power, it would actually make sense to have a world of civilized Pokémon walking around, sort of like Mystery Dungeon.

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