Story: Welcome to Sunset Valley

Art by ShadowBunnyDragon

[Rating T13][Humor][Supernatural][Parody][Incomplete]

It’s the Welcome to Night Vale/Zootopia AU you never knew you needed! Welcome to Sunset Valley, where mysterious shopping malls (and their to-die-for special sales), strange mammals, misplaced radio station interns and demented horoscopes are just everyday occurrences. Let’s pause here for a word from our sponsors and then dive back in to anything-but-mundane happenings of this town, as relayed by local radio host Honey Badger. ~YFWE

Author: Elite Shade

Description :
A strange desert town where the odd and terrifying is an everyday occurrence.

Welcome to Sunset Valley
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Additional Tags: is there a Big Rico in this AU, and if so, does anyone do a slice like him? pls confirm