Story: Greetings from Manta Bay!

Art by DeannART

[Rating T13][Humor][Fluff][Friendship]

Not long after the events at the junior scouts meeting, a young Nick heads out to spend the holidays with his aunt in Manta Bay. What takes place in this city is sweeter then Halloween candy itself! The author does a fantastic job representing the attitude of Nick and his new friends, dropping in references from the movie and mixing in a few OC characters that fit perfectly into the story. With spring break coming up for them, will we see young love blossom as well? ~Gorgancm

Author: Bluelighthouse

Description :
Zootopia is a city where anyone can be anything, right? As it turns out, some folks choose to be bullies. After the betrayal at the junior ranger scout meeting, Nick is feeling pretty down. That all changes, however, after young Nick visits the seaside city of Manta Bay. It’s gonna be OK, Nick, you have friends here.

Greetings from Manta Bay!

Additional Tags: Home is where the heart is.