Story: No Second Chances

Art by icey1456

[Rating T13][Crime][Romance][Complete]

When a well-orchestrated theft at the bank leads to the loss of a million dollar painting, it’s up to our favorite duo to solve the crime and recover the stolen artifact. Laced behind the intricate storyline of solving the mysterious theft and bringing the mastermind to justice, “No Second Chances” is a story that is full of quick-paced characterization and strong character growth. Sable1456’s strength lies in setting up and portraying inner conflict within characters and letting us witness how characters develop and grow after experiencing inner turmoil. After all, everyone experiences doubt and conflict in their lives; it’s how they stand back and take the opportunities given to them that truly defines the worth of a person. ~Calidian

Author: Sable1456

Description :
Since the arresting of Dawn Bellwether and end of the famous Nighthowler case, three years have passed and dust has long since settled. The now-famous WildeHopps duo has solved plenty cases: dismantling Skooba’s gang and arresting kidnappers of Jayne Tirin, to name a few. But when they face the B&E in National Bank, they quickly realize this case will be like no other before.

No Second Chances
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Additional Tags: You only live once, make it count


  1. The tags are so confusing in this story.

    If you're going in, expecting WildeHopps romance, you're going to be very disappointed.

  2. This series is one of the most thought through and properly outlined stories out there in the Zootopia fandom, standing in the same line as more well known "Partners" by TheVariableMammal, though much more action packed and more down to the earth.
    Variety of extremely well developed relatable characters, both lovable and hateful, their relations in different difficult situations and everyday simple interactions – draws readers into another world, making them empathize with each and every character like they were living next door, just as surely as the latest installment of God of War.
    The development of relations between everyone's favorite duo in the context of the story feels much more natural than any other scenario. Their interactions are smooth and thoughtful, creating a superb atmosphere, while the author continuously keeps us readers guessing with the direction this whole thing will go. Both in the relationship and plot departments.
    Must read for all those who look for a good book, set in a familiar setting, and not just some short flick. This stuff is high-level.

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