‘Disney Heroes: Battle Mode’ Is Out Now!

This game is so addicting to a point where we’re behind posting the release of the game by a week.  I’m already level 32

The long-awaited Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is official out globally and is available for iOS and Android through the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The game is extremely addicting, and I highly recommend everyone to try it out if they haven’t already. We’ll also be having an in-depth review of the game soon by Surrika Tunnah, so stay tuned for the review.

Check out the official launch trailer right after the break!


    • from what ive read up on about her from the forums shes not that great health wise(practically 1 or 2 shot and shes ko'd), so whenever you do get her focus on star lvling her to make her beefier.

    • Put Judy behind Sulley; the latter's a great damage soaker.

      Sully's roar (ensuring crit for fantastic attacks) + Judy's "deputize" (speed up + additional damage) + Nick's lemmings = dead enemies in no time.

      But yeah, this strategy probably works best only during City Watch brawls.

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