Art of the Day #210

Oversize Shirt by kit-ray-live
Source [1]

Hustled again! Will poor Judy ever learn? Nick’s probably got that picture uploaded to his Furbook page already.

Of course, Nick never learns either. She’ll get even; she ALWAYS gets even!

In the meantime, what say we go have a look at some more Zootopia fanart? And be sure to give the artists some attention by clicking on the source links.

Get your art after the break!

You Want Some Help by @dogear218
Source [2]

Steppin Out by @kabe2mugi
Source [3]

Carrots Check This Out by @Teaselbone
Source [4]

Movie Night by @kimagurewface
Source [5]
Why so serious, Finnick?

The Fashionable Fennec by JohnMigle
Source [6]

I Can’t Contain The Ship by @ina_arazu
Source [7]

I Can’t Fight This Feeling by fredvegerano
Source [8]

Restricted Area by RezkaPrataM4X
Source [9]

Troublemakers (Japanese Font) by HyenaTig
Source [10]

Judy X Megaman by jobbythehong
Source [11]

Working T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R by ky-jane
Source [12]

Late to the crime scene by ikimaru-art
Source [13]
I wanted to make a comment about this pic, coz it’s the first new Zootopia fanart that Eric W. Schwartz has done in years…literally!
We can only hope this is the beginning of a trend.

Judy’s Decoration by Eric Schwartz
Source [14]
Heh! Zootopia / Cars crossover

ZootopiaXCars by @naka_54
Source [15]

ZTA by @ratuta
Source [16]

Meadow by charlenesketch
Source [17]

Zootopia2 by @mcgl618
Source [18]

Moon Lit by WinterMaiden11
Source [19]

Song… by DensLife
Source [20]

We Need To Take A Break_Wildehopps by Ramarebel
Source [21]

Judy and Nick by reagan700
Source [22]

Paw-psicle by WesternValentyne
Source [23]

Disneys Zootopia Sly_Foz by AlexandraBowmanArt
Source [24]


  1. Eric Schwartz picture "Judy's decoration" was commissioned by a fan based on a scene in my collaboration with Selaxes called "Birthright"

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