Story: When the Stars Align (A Zootopia Story)

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver

[Rating T13][Mystery][Action][Adventure][Hurt/Comfort][Incomplete]

TrentonMixLee’s maiden Zootopia fanfic is a force, from its humble beginnings as Judy Hopps awaits Nick Wilde’s return from the ZPD academy to the moment that threatens to tear apart their newfound partnership for good. Action? Check. Drama? Yep. Romance? Oh, you better believe it’s a-blossomin’. “When the Stars Align” hits a lot of the right notes for Zootopia fans of all kinds, and rest assured your eyes are gonna be glued to the screen as you read. ~YFWE

Author: TrentonMixLee

Description :
Months after Bellwether’s incarceration, an outbreak of savage predators is plaguing Zootopia. The culprit is believed to be an underground syndicate planning to shatter the relations between predator and prey, starting with Officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. Once again, WildeHopps must unite to mend both their city and their relationship.

When the Stars Align (A Zootopia Story)
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  1. A promising story that's just starting out, that's for sure…so here's hoping there'll be plenty of chapters to come. Nice cover art for it too; need to find out what a commission from Wyvern costs….

  2. The cover art was free, actually. I requested access to one of Wyvern's newest pieces, one I was very fond of, and he allowed me to use it for the story cover. I edited on the title, author, and artist (again, with permission) using the same color schemes as displayed in the background, making sure not to obscure any aspects of the piece.

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