Story: Nothing to Fear

Art by MonoFlax [Rating M16][Romance][Hurt/Comfort][One-shot] A delectably sweet treat from one of the best fluff writers in the fandom, Selaxes, “Nothing to Fear” ramps up the WildeHopps goodness with an intimate, affectionate episode of soul-searching and opening up for the […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 13 February 2018

Hey there, fellow Zootopians! Let’s just cut straight to the chase, shall we? There’s a lot of quality reading for you here today, ranging from exciting AUs to wonderful WildeHopps stories, from engaging character pieces to comprehensive one-shot collections. Apologies […]


Story: Zootopia: Firefalls

Art by Caliosidhe [Rating T13][Humor][Romance][AU][Sequel] Are all you Firewatchers excited? You better be, because the long-awaited sequel to Bluelighthouse’s smash-hit story from last year is finally here! Continuing from where the previous work left off, “Zootopia: Firefalls” provides readers with […]


Story: What Happened at N.I.T.E.

Art by cyberamethyst [Rating T13][Drama][Angst][Trauma][Incomplete] Much is written of the aftermath of the Night Howler scare in Zootopia, but rarely do they tackle the everymammal, those personally affected by the trauma — the Renato Manchases, the Emmitt Ottertons. “What Happened […]


Story: Time To Face Up

Art by gistech [Rating T13][Drama][One-Shot] We know what happened to Judy in between the press conference and her reunion with Nick, but what about vice versa? “Time to Face Up” explores Nick’s life post-fight, chronicling his shift from defiantly upset […]


Story: With this collar

Art by nik159 [Rating K9][Poetry][Dark][AU][Complete] What’s so shocking about this grim poem is how well it fits into the framework of the original version of the film. Hidden beneath the words of so-called unity and acceptance are undertones of prejudice, […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 3 February 2018 – Mystery Solved

Ahhhh, the glorious weekend! What a great time to catch up on some reading, and fortunately enough, these authors have you covered. Another thing to note: Gabriel LaVedier has finished another one of his Zootopia fanfics, “Interspecies Relationship Support Network: […]


Story: Teach me

Art by Koraru-san [Rating T13][Romance][Humor][AU] A “What If” continuation where Judy and Nick are high school teachers. With a bit of clever wit, our dynamic duo find themselves pining after each other in the teachers’ lounge instead of the bull […]


Art of the Day: #166

Zootopia – Meet Judy – by Weischede Source [1] Hi everyone! Chris here! And we have Judy. Judy Hopps! Best bunny ever! Never judge her just because she’s small and being one of the smallest ZPD officers. Plus, don’t call […]


Story: Zootopia in Love

Art by Juindalo [Rating T13][Romance][Hurt][Comfort][Complete] An anthology of sorts that imagines love — which here takes many different forms, romantic or otherwise — in Zootopia over the course of a long period of time, both in the present day and […]