Comic: Poker Night (by PocketZombie11)

Fun fact- the closest I’ve ever come to a poker game was at The Inventory, playing against Strong Bad, The Heavy, Sam, and Tycho.  Given how well I did at that, I think it’s a good idea for me to never play with real money or stakes of any sort.  Monopoly money, perhaps.  But real money?  I’d be broke in less than an hour.  Same goes with drinking, I don’t think it would end very well.

In fact, if you want an example of how I imagine that situation going, look no further than Jack Savage in this funny comic by PocketZombie11, (commissioned by TheDarkShadow1990)! A few too many drinks and some really unlucky hands can leave you in a pretty poor situation come sunrise, after all.

Head on over to TheDarkShadow1990’s Deviantart for a full-size version of this comic, or check it out after the break!