Merch Update: Tomy Toys Finnick Fox plush [correction]

Hello fellow Zootopians! I am hard at work on my next review, but I have to correct a mistake I had made on one of my previous reviews.  As the title implies, that is the Casual Finnick plush review.  You see, I recently obtained a birthday present in the form of a Tomy Toy Finnick plushie, and while I appreciated the gesture, I thought I already had one. Finnick is my favourite character after all so I can’t ever have too much merch of him. I took him to sit next to my other Finnick and well…


Well, You don’t need a critiquing eye to realise they aren’t the same plush.

Turns out, the one I reviewed was made by a company called Posh Paws, not Tomy.  The reason for my confusion is that I pulled it from a box meant for Tomy plushies when I purchased it and just assumed it was made by Tomy Toys considering they are responsible for most of the Zootopia merchandise we see.  I will correct this mistake in two ways.  I will one, edit my old review as to avoid confusion and provide links to the Posh Paw plush (say that five times fast…) and two I will do a very very small review of the Tomy plush right here right now.
Read on after the break.

Obviously this is going to be a comparison review considering the picture provided, but as you can see the one manufactured by Tomy Toys on the right is a lot less detailed than the plush paws one. It’s missing the emblem on the top right of his shirt. Doesn’t have the ear fluff, it doesn’t have paw pads and the expression is that of meh in comparison to the Plush paws one. So if you are still interested in the Tomy Toy plush for collection purposes you can find one here.
For the Posh Paws Finnick fox, you can find it here.
I feel like I owe you all an apology so to say I am sorry for my massive goof up. I am going to tease what I am reviewing next via a photo.
Oooo, an exclusive thingy!!!

This has been your mistake correcting meerkat of merch Surrika! I’ll see you at the next review!


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