Art of the Day: #166

Zootopia – Meet Judy – by Weischede
Source [1]

Hi everyone! Chris here!

And we have Judy. Judy Hopps! Best bunny ever! Never judge her just because she’s small and being one of the smallest ZPD officers. Plus, don’t call her cute. Judy doesn’t like it, not even other bunnies (mostly).

For now, here’s a new round of artworks. Enjoy!

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Guess what movie I rewatched? by theblueberrycarrots
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Wilde by crazyraisin
Source [3]

A Beautiful Boy (+Speedpaint) by chris-in-the-abyss
Source [4]

Whole Lotta Otter Love by JackOrJohn
Source [5]

Gazelle by NadnerbD
Source [6]

Officer Nick Wilde by KingLeonLionheart
Source [7]

Dorky Smiles by Lucky13spirits
Source [8]

. Officer – Zootopia by darkiuby
Source [9]

Goth Hopps by UncleScooter
Source [10]

New Year for Taiwan drawings -1 by ThankU830309
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Zootopia apocalypse by AndrejSKalin
Source [12]

Strolling Through The Park by borba
Source [13]

No Name by ahiru621
Source [14]

Day 10 Like Butterfly and Bee(17-Jan-‘18) by fey-j
Source [15]

“Every lady is a warrior…” by yasminoliveira534
Source [16]

Bellwether did nothing wrong by Tsampikos
Source [17]

I know this is late, but it’s still christmas in my heart dammit! by foxefuel
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お題「ツンドラタウン」「捜査中」 by @mio_loveztp
Source [19]

色〜これはこれでって感じ… by @uochandayo
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