Comic: Valentine’s Mistake (by OceRydia)

There’s plenty of reasons someone may dislike Valentine’s Day. They may not enjoy the cheap chocolates that you can buy at your local Walgreens, think that there’s more important things to worry about in February. Or the worst of all, they may not have ever had a Valentine to celebrate with. (Single’s Awareness Day is a thing for a reason)
Judy begins to wonder if the reason Nick has been avoiding her all day was because of the last reason (Nick deserves to have a Valentine!) With this thought in her mind, she begins to remember her Mom always giving her children candy on Valentine’s Day as a symbol to show that they are all loved by someone.

…And then she commits a social faux pas.  Good going there, Judy.  Great job.

Make sure to check out this heartwarming comic, as well OceRydia’s DeviantArt!

Edit: Just discovered there are 4 more pages to this comic.  Oops.  Sorry about that!