Story: Zootopia in Love

Art by Juindalo

[Rating T13][Romance][Hurt][Comfort][Complete]

An anthology of sorts that imagines love — which here takes many different forms, romantic or otherwise — in Zootopia over the course of a long period of time, both in the present day and via flashbacks. There’s focus on Nick and Judy’s friendship/relationship, yes, but there’s much more here as well, with Gazelle, Clawhauser and even Bellwether receiving their day in the sun as the story stretches on. Great care is taken with the writing of each interaction, every little plot thread, and the result is a thoroughly satisfactory affair. Make sure you read from the Dropbox version, which includes some wonderfully drawn illustrations that accompany the storytelling. ~YFWE

Author: Windlion

Description :
It all begins with a no. Gazelle tragically loses her career and find peace with her biggest fan. Judy finds a mysterious child hiding at ZPD while emotions run high. Bellwether reconciles with her past and remembers the wisdom of her grandmother. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and in Zootopia, it’s no different.

Zootopia in Love
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  1. For all lovers of Zootopia, this is a well-written tale of the subsequent events to the movie. Amusing, poignant, and soul touching, Expect tears of sorrow and of joy. This is a story beloved by me personally.

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