Comic: Go to sleep, fox! (by Cabbion)

“Nobody tells me what I can or can’t [do].  Especially not some jerk who never had the guts to try to be anything more than a Popsicle Hustler!”  ~Judy Hopps

…Yeah, nick, betting that Judy can’t choke you out just based on your size difference is a really bad idea.  There are entire martial arts that teach you how to take out opponents larger than you, and you can bet they’re expanded upon in the Zootopia universe.  After all, we’ve seen Judy take down a rhino with a single kick.  Do not underestimate her.

This hilarious comic is brought to us by Cabbion, who has quite a fun and energetic art style.  I hope we see more zootopia comics from them in the future!  Especially if they’re as good as this one.

Check it out over on Cabbion’s deviantart, or after the break!

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