Story Updates 13 December 2016- Half a million words of Fallout!

Hello everyone!  Hope things are going great for y’all.  We’ve got a lot of new updates for you, from two new chapters of Fallout: Zootopia (which is now nearly 500,000 words long!) to Lost Causes and Broken Dreams’ realistic take on WildeHopps.

EDIT:  The Worst Connection is now complete, and has a sequel in the works!

Updated Stories:
Fallout: Zootopia by CiderStripes
The Worst Connection by Radredknuxfan [COMPLETE]
When Instinct Falls by Upplet (Now with more fanart!)
Blurring Lines by Roboguy88
Take a Stand by Crewefox
The Faded Line by TheStarsShadow15
Lost Causes and Broken Dreams by eng050599

New chapters after the break!

Fallout: Zootopia by CiderStripes

The Worst Connection by Radredknuxfan

When Instinct Falls by Upplet

Blurring Lines by Roboguy88

Take a Stand by Crewefox

The Faded Line by TheStarsShadow15

Lost Causes and Broken Dreams by eng050599
Chapter 8: Consequences and Revelations

Fanart from When Instinct Falls
Lucy Sang Concept Sketches
Vladzotz Fangpyre Concept Sketches


  1. Just so you guys are aware, my story The Worst Connection is actually finished. I know that I just started the sequel, but I just wanted to make it clear that this part is done. Not sure how well it translated.

  2. You know, I was surprised that I managed to write a >17,000 words for the latest chapter of Lost Causes, but the fact that Fallout: Zootopia is over half a million words is just mind boggling. I don't know how CiderStripes manages to do it.

    • LOTS of planning. (This is CiderStripes BTW). Sure, some of the chapters and content is simply me sitting down and letting it flow, but most of the chapters have at least days or weeks or longer of pre-planning per chapter (well, story event, not necessarily the chapter), and there is so much more I have developed but never will be showing due to me not wanting a multi-million word story. I am half asleep, so I hope that made sense.

    • It did, and I can relate. There are plot points that are only now coming to the fore in LC&BD, I've already been planning big event for a dozen chapters down the line, and have been working through significant scenes that will occur in the coming chapters.

      There's always room for some spark to take hold, but yes, constant long term planning is key.

      I can only imagine how difficult it must be working with so much back story and canon. I'm dealing with 1/6th the work count, and I have to check back constantly to make sure I've got the details straight…let alone the technical side of things, which requires a lot of hands on time to work through.

      Let me be blunt, your work is something that I aspire towards. I may choose to focus on the scientific side of things, but you've definitely got a better handle on the storytelling part of the narrative, and it's something I hope to improve upon in my own story.

      …it doesn't help that I'm so bloody used to academic writing. I end up editing out a lot of jargon after the fact since I'm so used to it.

  3. Honestly, the jargon and fluff tend to make the story feel more, well, real. Many times I have posted a 'fluff' chapter (such as 77 which I am in the process of posting as I type this), in other words, a chapter where its mostly talk and no action, and I used to be afraid that people would get detracted from the adventure story by this non-adventurous fluff, but every time people enjoyed it and I kept doing it when it felt it was necessary.

    This story has been my first foray into the world of fanfiction and I have come to learn something from it. You need to strike a balance between your audience and yourself. Catering just to the audience will usually end up making the story not feel natural to you, but what feels natural to you may not be enjoyed by the audience.

    You said you are used to academic writing, and yes, I do not have much knowledge on that, but when you have what feels like jargon that you edit out may actually be the bit of fluff that draws and engages the audience to want to keep reading the actual heart and soul of the story. I am not a teacher, nor am I ever trying to force someone to change how they write, but from personal experience, if you are unsure of something, post it (within reason, of course). You may be pleasantly surprised that the 'jargon' ends up being something the audience enjoys, and from feedback, you can start to tailor future chapters that strikes a good balance between you and the audience. I thought feeback from the sites I posted to would be the nail in my coffin, but I think through feedback and my editor, has helped me realize how well I am actually doing. I hope this might actual help you, and remember, don't aspire to be someone else, aspire to be your very best.

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