Story Post: The Faded Line


[Rating T13][Dark AU]

A great envisioning of where Nick and Judy would be had they never met initially and the TAME initiative actually got passed into law to employ shock collars onto all predators. Nick dives deeper into criminal activity and Judy gets more repressed as a ‘cute’ bunny with no chance to prove herself. Great set up with potential for greater chapters to follow. -Darkflamewolf

Author: TheStarsShadow15

Description :
In a darker universe, Judy never got the chance to prove herself and Nick’s life got complicated without the sly bunny. As an activist group gains power, the unlikely duo must work together to help determine the fate of a broken city. On their way they discover forbidden emotions for each other and a conspiracy that could change Zootopia forever.

The Faded Line

Additional Tags: A darker time for Wildehopps.

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  1. *Gaaaassspp* O.M Goodness! You guys actually featured my story!! 😀 Thanks SO much! I just figured it wasn't good enough to be on here after all this time.

    Now I REALLY gotta start writing it again. I haven't touched it in months. I was so confused when I got a few email alerts of people giving it attention XD And thanks for the encouraging words 'Darkflamewolf'!

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