Story: When Instinct Falls

[Romance] [Drama] [Epic] [Rated M-16]
“What starts as an interesting perspective into married life for our favorite duo develops into a sprawling, multi-arc epic as various outside forces threaten to tear that life apart.  Definitely a must-read for the WildeHopps crowd.” ~ A Pre-Reader who sometimes goes Berserk

Author: Upplet

Description: Society is a fickle thing.  It changes inevitably, advancing slowly.  But ideas only change if society lets them.  Ever since their first case, their bond has grown.  First it was forced comradeship, then friendship.  Lastly, they became lovers.  But in Zootopia, if “Anyone can be Anything” is true, then who says a Fox and Bunny cannot become mates?

When Instinct Falls

[Note: This is the clean version of the story that the author was kind enough to provide for ZNN.  Essentially, where the original version went into detail, this version it just “fades to black”, leaving it clear what happened but not going into explicit detail.  In the opinion of myself and the author, the story doesn’t lose anything for this change.]

Additional Tags: Also featured: numerous scenes of pure fluff.


Outback Island
By Anonymous Artist
The Docks
By Anonymous Artist
The Nocturnal District
By Anonymous Artist
by Katsuke
Scene from Chapter 60
by Katsuke
Lucy Sang
by Katsuke
Fangpyre Family
by Katuske


  1. ZBI is quite a bit longer, though this one is catching up quickly. Both are excellent though, so I'd say if you haven't read either of them, you should. 😉

  2. Hello Everyone!

    I'm upplet, the author of When Instinct Falls. I thank you all for checking out this comment section, but I have one simple thing to say: Although the clean version doesn't take away from the story experience, I strongly recommend delving into the likes of the regular version, which can be found on my fanfiction account.

    Good day to you all! 🙂

  3. OMG… when instinct fall is here XD.. you know, that is my favorite story :)… i really recommended that 😉 and anyway Upplet (the Author) is my friend too XD

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