Story: Take A Stand

art by Ziegelzeig

[Action] [Drama] [Romance] [Crossover] [Rated T-13]

When I read that it was full of crossovers, I was admittedly a little worried. Crossovers usually don’t work in my eyes. This fic however, creates a completely unique and realistic case which blends characters old and new, familiar and original mixing classical and unique takes on characters. It’s beautifully crafted. -Nathan B.

Author: Crewefox (also goes by Garouge)

Description :
It’s a Zootopia / Robin Hood crossover; Zootopia is gripped with civil strife, whilst a political storm is brewing Judy and Nick must be honest with each other, as do Clawhauser and Bogo but events unfold around them that will test their love and their ideals. All the while a heist gang are stealing millions from the corrupt and giving it to the poor, it’s time for Judy and Nick to stand for what they believe in

Take A Stand

Additional Tags: Is family or duty more important? And is there an inbetween?


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