Tuesday, October 31, 2017

MEGA Art of the Day #135- THIS IS HALLOWEEN!!!

Happy halloween! by Bad45s
Source [1]

And this Halloween, we're going all-out!  That's right, we don't just have 20 pieces of halloween art to share with y'all today- WE HAVE 40!

Get your art after the break, and trick-or-treat over to the artist's pages by following the source links!  They all deserve candy tonight!

The WINNERS of the ZNN Halloween Art Contest!!!

Halloween! by Ahiru621
After a month of work and planning and coordination, the ZNN Halloween Contest is over!  Now we can finally take a bit of a break!

...Aw, who am I kidding, we can't wait to do our next big community event!  Stay tuned for info on the Return of NaZoWriMo!

In the meantime, I wanted to give a HUGE thank-you to everyone who participated in our Halloween Contest!  The people who made art, the people who voted, and everyone who spread the word about this contest- thank you all so much!  You're all fantastic, and we couldn't have done this without your participation.  We got over 500 votes thanks to you, making the poll, without question, our most successful one yet!

Before we reveal the winners, let me remind you what's at stake here:

A custom-made stuffed animal of a character in YOUR ART, fully in costume
A copy of the blu-ray version of Zootopia OR a copy of The Art of Zootopia
Funko Pop! Figure of Nick or Judy

Funko Pop! Figure of Nick or Judy

And since the voting was very close (much closer than we expected), we decided to also acknowlege the other entries that got over 100 votes!

Congratulations, all of you!  Now, find out who won the Funkos, and which costume is getting made into a plush, after the break!

Story Updates 31 October 2017- The Winter of the Bear Draws to a Close!

Good morning ladies and gentlemammals!  We've got some great news for ya- LagardeRhoade's Winter of the Bear (which we featured not too long ago) is complete!  Not only that, The Fall has got some awesome new cover art by TheWyvernsWeaver!

There are so many goodies for you to read, it's like you're trick-or-treating!

Updated Stories:
The Fall by D3ath_0ps
Winter of the Bear by LagardeRhoade
Zootopia: Firewatch by Bluelighthouse
...And All That Jazz by WANMWAD
While We're Young by Dizzie HamHam Writer
Take a Stand: Star of Ceartais by Garouge Faux / Crewefox
Silenced by the Lamb by George James Valtom

New chapters after the break!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Special Art of the day #134 : Happy Judy / Nick Day 2.0!

Starfall (Zootopia/Kimi No Nawa crossover fanart!) by nuzzo
Source [1]
Last year, some artists from Japan and dedicated fans of Zootopia did something that caught our attention: They made an official "day" for Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde! In case you don't know why, it's because of the date 10/29. In Japanese 10 is pronounced "Juu", while 2 and 9 means "Ni" and "Ku" respectively.  And putting them all together it's sorta like "Juu NiKu", which sounds similar to Judy Nick.

We didn't post yesterday because it unfortunately landed on a Sunday this year, but let's not let that stop us from enjoying one of our favorite holidays!

Happy (late) Judy Nick Day everyone!!

Get your art after the break, and how the artists some love by following the source links!

Story: One Word Microfiction

Art by KungFuFreak07
[Rating M16][Fluff][Angst][Drama][Collection]

A single word can carry an abundance of meaning, and in this amazing collection of one-shots, Sophie Ripley aims to create entertaining drabbles that encapsulate the one-word prompts they're supposed to represent, and does so with great results. So sit back and enjoy this delectable medley of Zootopia fanfiction, made up of bite-sized morsels that can be pleasantly sweet at times and sharp and bitter at others. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Sophie Ripley
Description : This is a collection of short microfictions of less than 500 words, each based on a one-word prompt. They range from angst to romance and fluff, and are each a stand-alone one shot.
One Word Microfiction

Additional Tags: Less is more.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

12 HOURS LEFT to vote in the ZNN Halloween Art Contest!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!🎃👻💕 by @chigico_u
That's right!  Today is the last day to vote!  We've had an absolutely AMAZING turnout so far- as of writing this, we've recieved 430 votes.  Think we can get to 500?  I think we probably could.

The Voting closes at Tonight at Midnight Pacific Time, or 3 AM Eastern Time.  If you have not yet voted, be sure to do so as soon as you can!

You can see the competitors here, and vote on them in the sidebar.  It's been an absolute treat to see how things have progressed this week, so let's finish off strong!  And once again, good luck everyone!

Disney Animator releases never-before-seen development footage!

To quote Rich Moore's acceptance speech from the Annie Awards, "[Animators] are the weirdest people on the earth.  God bless you animation!"

I really don't know what else to say about this.  Out of nowhere, Shaofu Zhang, a Disney Animator who's worked on many of their recent films, releases this bizarre and hilarious 20 second animation test.  It stars Finnick and Clawhauser (two characters who never met in the movie, and as far as we can tell don't know each other), who, for some reason, appear to be helping each other sneak into the ZPD (or somewhere with a lot of police presence).  And Clawhauser is shirtless.  All the while, elevator music is playing.

This needs all sorts of context.  I mean, it's most likely from the old version of the story where Nick, Clawhauser, and Finnick are all friends running Wilde Times, but can you imagine this happening with the characters we got in the final movie?  Seriously, I would love to see somebody write a story about this scene.  I don't care if it's a one-shot, I need to see this happen!  Someone, please!

And if that's not enough for you, he also released a short little video showing how he went about animating a bunch of different scenes, like Nick saying his "Skunk's Butt" line and Bogo going "just kidding!" - including himself acting them out for reference.   It's a great insight into the process Disney animators go through to make their movies come to life.

Check them out over on Shaofu Zhang's Vimeo, or after the break!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunderance, Chapter 13 (by Kulkum and TheWyvernsWeaver)

I'll be honest- I didn't think it was possible for Sunderance to look better than it did, or for the story to get even more captivating.

I was wrong.  I was very, very wrong.

Over a year of work on this story has only made it better and better, as is evident in the improvement of TheWyvernsWeaver's artwork.  It's absolutely astonishing how much they are able to do in monochrome- which, appropriately enough, adds to the neo-noir feel of the comic.  The story that goes along with it, by Kulkum, is just as good as ever, and I can't wait to get fully caught up.

And I'm not just saying these things because they reference me in this chapter, I didn't see that until I was done writing this article.

Now, it's time to see this universe's version of our favorite slowpoke, Flash.  It's time for Chapter 13: Glacial Surge!

You can find the accompanying chapter of the fanfic over on Kulkum's Deviantart, and if you're just joining us now, then I strongly encourage you to follow these links to the previous parts of the story.
Read on over on TheWyvernsWeaver's Deviantart, or after the break!

Story: It Can't Be Helped

Art by Caliosidhe
[Rating K9][Romance][Slice of Life][Complete]

Had to go to the doctor after finishing this story; my blood sugar content was dangerously high from the unbelievable amount of sweetness contained within. The story is short enough to not drag on, but long enough to get a good narrative going. In addition, the concept of applying real-life animal instincts and behaviors to Nick and Judy is just too cute, and is executed very well. Ultimately, I believe 'It Can't Be Helped' is high in the running for cutest story in the fandom. ~Mordecai

Author: InHerOwnWorld
Description : In which Nick exhibits vulpine tendencies and Judy is oblivious to what they mean.
It Can't Be Helped

Additional Tags: Diabetics should check with their primary physician before reading.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Story Updates 26 October 2017

Did you know that When Instinct Falls has been out for over a year, has half a million words, and is approaching its 100th chapter? I gotta hand it to Upplet, that's some serious commitment to a story right there.

Not to say that every story has to be an epic-length drama that would take up the space of an encyclopedia. There are plenty of smaller stories in this fandom as well, such as HawkTooth's Closed Doors. A lot of authors take the route that Kittah4 has and compile short stories into one big collection, like Different Tails. And then we have more labors of love like The Translation of Dawn Bellwether and sequels like LagardeRhoade's Winter of the Bear.

All in all, this fandom never ceases to impress me. Keep up the fantastic work, all of you authors and artists out there! You keep this fanbase alive and thriving!

Updated Stories:
When Instinct Falls by Upplet
Winter of the Bear by LagardeRhoade
Different Tails by Kittah4
Closed Doors by HawkTooth
The Translation of Dawn Bellwether by Gabriel LaVedier

New chapters after the break!

Art of the day #133

Settling Down. (commission) by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [1]
Ah...these two, Nick and Judy are so adorable when they love each other. It's not just me who wonders if they get a new and bigger apartment for themselves. Maybe in the sequel, or maybe not, but as far as we know, only time will tell. So, enjoy one more round of artworks in this Artwork of the day post.

Get your art after the break!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Try Everything... as a lullaby? (by Tam-Tam Media)

There's only been one other version of Try Everything that's more unexpected than a lullaby.  And that was the Buddy Holly version.

This comes to us from Tam-Tam Media, which apparently makes lullabies and relaxing melodies out of classic film scores, as well as other unusual genre switches, like Star Wars on a Church Organ or The Beatles lullabies.

I have no clue if this is part of an acutal album that they have released, or if it's just something fan-made on youtube, but either way, this is a great way to relax at the end of a stressful day.

Check it out after the break, and search their channel for more unexpected lullabies (like game of thrones...what?).

I Want To Dream Of You Forever (by Borba) [FULL COMIC]

Borba is back, with a comic that is the literal polar opposite of I Will Survive.  Rather than being full of angst and anger, this one if full of fluff and love.  The art, as always, is beautiful, both when its colored and when it's just black and white.

I Want To Dream Of You Forever is a wonderful comic.  Absolutely wonderful.  Taking Nick's POV on his wedding day (or at least a dream of it), we get a glimpse of how he feels towards Judy.  And it's beautiful.

Read it over on Borba's Deviantart, or after the break!  Also avaliable in Brazilian Portuguese!

Story: Smile

Art by OneGutsyPony
[Rating K9][Family][Tragedy][Drama][One-shot]

A sympathetic account of Bellwether when she was a child that will have you genuinely feeling sorry for her character. The loss of her innocence at the hands of bullies and unfairness in this piece does an excellent job of elaborating on where her hatred toward predators comes from and how it morphs her into the villain she is in the movie. Moving and frank with its sadness, this is a great one-shot, and a wonderful addition to the Zootopia subreddit's second anthology, The Children of Zootopia. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Euphonemes
Description : It's Picture Day at school, and a young Dawn Bellwether prepares herself for a series of misadventures at a place she cannot stand. When everything falls apart, and the world bears down on you, sometimes all you can do is smile.

Additional Tags: Say fleece!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Catch My Every Promise (Mashup by Mashin' Jams)

Mashin' Jams' quest to mix Try Everything together with every song ever continues! As usual, it works way better than combining three completely unrelated songs logically should.

To be honest, I haven't even heard of  the song "No Promises" by Cheat Codes.  However, I have heard of Kelly Clarkson's "catch my breath".  So I'm not totally out of the pop culture loop this time.  Once again, great work Mashin Jams!  Here's hoping for more excellent mashups in the near future!

Check it out after the break!

Story Updates 24 October 2017

One week until Halloween, and we've got updates from one of few supernatural ghost stories the fandom has produced.  Now that's getting into the halloween spirit! (see what I did there?  Spirit?  because he's a- oh nevermind...)

We've also got a sweet Met As Children AU, a Medieval AU, and a 1920's AU! So many alternate universes to choose from, so little time... so get to reading!

Updated Stories:
A Ghostly Love by Fox in the Hen House
While We're Young by Dizzie HamHam Writer
...And All That Jazz by WANMWAD
Take a Stand: Star of Ceartais by Crewefox
The "What If" Collaboration Project by Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Silence and Valiance by DrekkDeina

New chapters after the break!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Judy's Journey as told by Emoji!

You see Sony?  It IS possible to tell a good story with just emoji!  And have a good message to boot!

As part of their bullying prevention campaign, Disney has released another "As Told by Emoji" story, this time focusing on Judy's childhood and how she achieves her dream of becoming the first rabbit police officer, despite being bullied and told she could never achieve her dream.  Honestly, it's very heartwarming to view that part of the movie in that light.  Bravo, Disney!  Bravo!

Check it out after the break!

Story: Winter of the Bear

Art by Quirky-Middle-Child
[Rating M16][Adventure][Romance][Drama][Suspense][Sequel]

Brace yourself for the next installment in LagardeRhoade's Zootopia series, where the stakes are higher, the risk is greater, and the plot twists are even more numerous. Taking place immediately after "The Pursuit," a series of fateful events compel Nick and Judy to infiltrate a dangerous nation that poses a major threat to Zootopia and its way of life, and while deep in enemy territory, they also have to recapture a wicked adversary of theirs who will do whatever it takes to reclaim his power and get vengeance on them. The foes they face are relentless, and the lands they're journeying to are ruled by vicious predators who subjugate prey with an iron paw, treating them as mere chattel. 

Epic in scope and absorbing as hell, "Winter of the Bear" doesn't fail to entertain with its superb cast of characters and brilliant, well-structured storyline. This is exactly what a sequel should be: bigger, better, and more ambitious than its predecessor. ~DrummerMax64

Author: LagardeRhoade
Description : Following the events of The Pursuit, WotB continues the story of the deadly case Nick and Judy thought they had finished recently. With Rolen still at large, they must find new allies and make choices they will not like if they want to keep Zootopia and their families safe.
Winter of the Bear
Also on
and on DeviantArt

Additional Tags: Winter is coming, and it's un-BEAR-able.

VOTE NOW for the ZNN Halloween Art Contest!

Happy Halloween! Let's Cosplay!!! by roletech
Ladies and Gentlemammals, for the past three weeks, you have been sending us your art for consideration in the 2017 ZNN Halloween Art Contest, and today, you finally get to see the fruits of everyone's work!  To everyone who submitted something, thank you so, so much!

The rules are simple: YOU will decide who will win the prizes we offered at the start of October!  To do this, vote on the pieces you like best over in the sidebar.  You can vote for as many as you want, but you can only vote for each piece one time.  Then, a week from today, we will tally up the total number of votes, and on Halloween, we will announce the winners!

After the break, you will find all the images we were sent these past three weeks, with titles that correspond to your options in the sidebar.  To prevent bias, they are in no particular order, so be sure to read the entire post to see all the possibilities!  Also, to keep things fair, the cover image of this post is NOT one you can vote on.  So don't bother.

One final note- This contest is only possible thanks to our many supporters on Patreon!  So far, it's been a blast, and we would love to do more contests like this in the future.  But in order to make that happen, we need your support!  Even if you can only spare a dollar, we would be immensely grateful, and would use that money to do more events for the community like this one!  Follow the link above to help us do this again soon!

And now, LET THE SECOND ANNUAL ZNN HALLOWEEN CONTEST BEGIN!  Find all the art people sent in after the break, and may the best pieces win!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Awesome Zootopia Street Art! (by Anderson Episode)

You know that scene in Mary Poppins, where Bert is drawing beautiful pictures on the sidewalk with chalk?  That's one of many forms of Busking, or Street Performance.  They're usually cool to see, and typically I'll tip them a few dollars if their performance is really impressive.

Well, one such Busker in Melbourne, Australia, who goes by the name of Anderson, also has a youtube channel where they show off exactly how they go about making their art.  It's very impressive to watch, especially considering it's all done in chalk, so however many hours of work he put into it will be gone by the next day if there's rain.

This guy's youtube channel is criminally under-viewed for someone with this much talent and skill.  Go watch the video of him making some awesome Zootopia art after the break, and be sure to like and comment on it if you enjoyed it!

Story Updates 21 October 2017

Gotta hand it to Cimar, this "What If" collaboration project of his is really doing a great job encouraging creative scenarios in the fandom from people who may not have done any original writing before.  This time, we've got a story from LapisLucius42 called "I Got One", wherein Nick and Judy take to the seas.  And we get a new ship in the form of Finnick x Kris (the otter who had a crush on Nick in Crime Files).

Updated Stories:
I Got One! Part of the "What If" Collaboration Project by LapisLucius42
Safe Paws by MidnightOpheliac
The Translation of Dawn Bellwether by Gabriel LaVedier
In Our Dreams by DancingLunarWolves
Zootopia: Firewatch by Bluelighthouse

New chapters after the break!

24 Hours Left in the ZNN Halloween Art Contest!

Happy Halloween by rikuo-rikuo
Okay everybody, The ZNN Halloween Contest is drawing to a close!  If you've been working on a piece for it and haven't sent it in yet, I'd suggest you get a move on.  As of right now, we have over a dozen entries, so there will be plenty of options for you to choose from during next week's voting!

If you have not yet sent in your art, then send an email with the subject line "Halloween Contest" to If you need a refresher on the rules, you can find them on the initial post (here).

It's been awesome to see what you have come up with so far, and I think that competition is going to be fierce, so let's finish strong!  Good luck, and may the best art win!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy... International... Sloth... Day!

Try... Everything... Slowly by pitiyindee
Source [21]

Get... your... art... after... the... break... and... show... the... creators... some... love... by... following... the... image... links.

Number... 1... 3... 2...

Zootopia : Flash, Flash! Hundred yard dash! by OrnellaArts
Source [10]
We... really... should... have... seen... this... coming.  But... now... there... are... too... many... of... them... and... we... can't... really... stop... them.

Art... of... the... day...

Sloth [Zootopia] by gotpeeps
Source [1]
It's... International... Sloth... Day,  so... ZNN... has... been... overrun... by... sloths.  They... stormed... our... front... door... and... have... blocked... all... exits... so... we're... stuck... for... now.

Sloths take over a real DMV!

Happy International Sloth Day!  I didn't even know that was a thing, but apparently it's a thing.  It makes sense now that I think about it- sloths are great!  Even if they're not the best employees.

Oh My Disney went all out in their celebrations- they took over a DMV and handed the operations over to a bunch of three-toes sloths.  Thankfully, nobody told them a joke.  Otherwise this video would go on for HOURS.

You can find it on the Official Zootopia Facebook Page, or on Youtube.  Start a timer and see if they go any quicker than your local DMV employees after the break!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Quiz: What character are you in the Zootopia Police Department?

There are a lot of mammals in the ZPD.  Chief Bogo, Fangmeyer, Delgato, Mchorn, Francine, Clawhauser, son on and so forth.  But which character  are you the most like?

Well, Oh My Disney gave us the answer with a Quiz, asking us "What character are you in the Zootopia Police Department?" As for myself, I got Nick Wilde. Yes, even if I'm a Maned Wolf and hate been compared to a fox, I'm a fan of this guy. Got a problem with that?

Anyway, take the quiz for yourself over on Oh My Disney and post your results in the comments down below!

Story: Silence and Valiance

Cover Art by Red-Velvet-Panda
[Romance][Angst][Fluff][Adventure][AU][Rating T13]

In a medieval era, when prey subjugate predators and force them to be their unwilling servants, a revolution is brewing to make things right, and a special connection between a rabbit and her servant fox could mean all the difference in changing society for the better. Absorbing in its realism, "Silence and Valiance" offers readers a fascinating portrayal of the world of Zootopia in the Middle Ages that's largely driven by its entertaining plot and Nick and Judy's flowering relationship, a romance that positively blooms once it gets going. A standout among other alternate universe stories that revolve around this time period. ~DrummerMax64

Author: DrekkDenia
Description : A red fox imprisoned for an act of kindness twisted into an accusation, being sold to a notable family to settle his debt to society as an indentured servant, and treatment of predators bordering on torturous and overly cruel. But for the fox, a light may present itself and only time will tell if the light will blind or warm a broken soul. Zootopia AU set in the Middle Ages.
Silence and Valiance
Also on Fanfiction.Net

Additional Tags: Judy likes the strong, silent type.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Try Everything, Electro Funk Remix! (By DJ Grimm)

Gazelle by Alanscampos
Gazelles hips have something to tell you.  They're saying there's another awesome remix of Try Everything, and you should listen to it right now.  I think I'll trust them.  After all, they don't lie.

This electro funk remix comes to us from DJ Grimm, featured on the youtube channel MrUveaSam.  It's a really unique take on things, giving it a sort of "island" feel.  I'm not entirely sure how to describe it, but it makes me feel like dancing!

Check it out after the break!

Comic: Not Again (by The Gory Saint) [FULL COMIC]

Oh no.  The last time we saw a WildeHopps Breakup in a comic, there was a ton of controversy surrounding it.  But thankfully, this takes it in a completely different direction!

This large, almost-30-page-long comic, written and illustrated by The Gory Saint, runs a wide gamut of emotions.  There's heartache and betrayal, but also healing and honest communication.  What starts off looking bleak ends with a twist and backstory that I've never actually seen in fan works before- and that's really hard to do at this point!  It's really refreshing!

That's all I really can say without spoiling the whole thing, so go ahead and read it over on The Gory Saint's tumblr, or after the break!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Art of the Day #131

Coffe Break by foxefuel
Source [1]
You know, even if we don't see a full sequel to Zootopia anytime soon, it would be amazing if Disney were to make a little short or two. Something like that going into a bit of Nick and Finnick's friendship would be fantastic, in my opinion.

Get your art after the break, and show the artists some love on their respective profiles by following the source links!

Story: Wonder Bunny

Wonder Bunny! by StarfangsSecrets
[Fantasy][Sci-Fi][Adventure][AU][Rating T13]

Hot on the heels of the 2017 box office smash that is "Wonder Woman," "Wonder Bunny" slots Judy Hopps into the titular character's role in an AU that's sure to please fans of the superhero as well as general Zootopia nuts looking for an exciting new alternate universe offering. This is one bunny you DEFINITELY don't want to call cute. ~YFWE

Author: AWildeHoppingTaco
Description : All her life, Judith has wanted nothing more than to be an Amazonian warrior, and protect the world as she was born to do. When a plane with a male fox from the outside world crashes on the island of Themyscira, she learns of the conflict that threatens all mammalkind. Determined to end all wars, she sets off to fight alongside him to discover her true destiny.
Wonder Bunny

Additional Tags: wonder, power, courage

Monday, October 16, 2017

ZNN Halloween Art Contest Update #2 - One Week Left!

Bunnicula by inzergue
Boys and girls of every age, would you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see, this our town of halloween!

We're two weeks into our Halloween Art Contest, and the entries have begun to roll in!  Right now we have gotten 7 submissions from various people, so I can guarantee the prizes will not be going to waste.  However, if this is going to be a fair contest, we need more!  Even if you're not making a piece specifically for this contest, if you have any new art of Zootopia characters in-costume, send it over to us at

(by which I mean the 3 AM EST on October 22nd.  Hopefully that clears things up.)

Before I discuss the results of the poll we presented last week, I would like to remind you all that this contest is only possible thanks to all the generous support you have shown ZNN over the past year and a half.  The donations we've received from our Patreon supporters (as seen in the sidebar on the site at all times), as well as the one-time donations made through paypal, are what gives us the chance to do events like this.  If this goes well, and we get enough submissions, then we will definitely do similar contests like this in the future.  Again, thank you so much for your generosity, and hopefully we can do events like this more frequently!

Read on after the break!

Story Updates 16 October 2017- The Last Embrace

Ladies and Gentlemammals, Embrace It, by Starfangs Secrets, is now complete!  Clocking in at over 250,000 words, what started as a sequel to the one-shot "Primal Instincts" is now an epic, multi-part series, with two more sequels planned and in the works!

One of these days I'll have to get an average wordcount for all the completed fics we've featured.  From what I've seen, I'd guess that Zootopia Fanfics tend to be a bit larger than your typical novel.  Why, just in this post, we have nearly 70,000 words divided among ten fics!

Have I said this fandom is prolific?  It's REALLY FREAKIN' PROLIFIC.

Updated Stories:
Embrace It by Starfangs Secrets
Electric Eldritch Eidolon by ADeadMissionary
Run by Euphonemes
The Violet Diaries by HeltheHatter
Silenced by the Lamb by George James Valtom
Nick Wilde, Ace Attorney (part of the "What If" Collaboration Project by Berserker88, Mind Jack, Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
In the Days That Followed / Waters of Atlantea by Ayziks
Take a Stand: Star of Ceartais by Garouge Faux / Crewefox
Zootopian Vice by Lothar Hex
...And All That Jazz by WANMWAD

New chapters after the break!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Story: Don't Let Go

Art by Caliosidhe
[Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Angst][Crime][Drama]

This amazing work has quickly become one of my new favorite stories in the fandom. Nick and Judy venture into a brand new case that will test their wits and have them deal with an issue that surprisingly isn't addressed very much in Zootopia fanfiction: endangered species. An excellent and thought-provoking tale that's held together by quality writing, JustNibblin takes us on a wild ride that features fantastic character development, intense action and several heartfelt scenes, with a few genuinely mind-blowing and well-executed twists that will leave you stunned and hungry for more. And for those who are fans of slow burn romance, this story has that in spades, plus the tension it generates is both sweltering and realistic. Be prepared for an awesome read! -DrummerMax64

Author: JustNibblin
Description : Dozens of species thrive in Zootopia, but not all species are so lucky. Judy and Nick descend into the Nocturnal District to investigate a case involving an endangered species. The two young partners must navigate not only the moral complexities of the case, but also the complexities arising from their deepening friendship
Don't Let Go
Also on

Additional Tags: [A dangerous case in which members of an endangered species are in danger.]

Midnight Madness- LET JUDY SAY "IT"! (Comic Dub)

Fun fact: there are a few words that will immediately raise the rating of your story if you submit it to ZNN.  I'm not going to say them here, because we try to keep the site as family-friendly as we can.

That said... sometimes you've just got to let loose.  Say what you need to say.  And MickelPickel is going to give Judy just that opportunity.

Based on the comic by EightySpartans and starring CasVoiceActs as Judy and MickelPickelVoiceActs as Nick, this goes... exactly where you expect it to.

Oh, F%*k it, this is a midnight madness post! Go watch the video after the break!

Friday, October 13, 2017

10 Animated Movies that "Stole" their plots (by ScreenRant)

Clickbait-y thumbnail is clickbait.  What a shocker.  Of course we'd have this sort of luck today...

ScreenRant, I like your stuff most of the time, but Goldman's lawsuit against Disney does not need to any more publicity than it's already gotten.  Unless it's from us, pointing out just how idiotic his claims are.

However, to ScreenRant's credit, it seems as though they wrote this piece back before Goldman had amended his claims to include his "evidence".  There's no way they would claim that Zootopia was a stolen idea if they'd read that.  Or rather, I'd like to give ScreenRant the benefit of the doubt here.

You can watch the full video after the break.  The Zootopia section starts around the 7:30 mark.

Art of the Day #130- How UnFURtunate!

Dumb fox by Geekfox
Source [1]
Ah, Friday the Thirteenth. A day considered by many to be a day of bad luck. Including myself- as I write this, I'm running late for work, so we're off to a great start already. -_-

Thankfully, one person's misfortune can be funny for others, and this fandom has plenty of examples of Nick and Judy being caught in either embarrassing or otherwise unfortunate predicaments. So let's at least get a laugh at that!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Comic: Bunny's Fox (by HowXu)

Have you ever been too charming for your own good?  I wish I could say I have, but I guess that's why I'm not Nick Wilde.

This awesome comic by HowXu is a great example of a simple yet gorgeous style.  I seriously hope we see more comics from them in the future, if this is any indication of what to expect!  Great work!

Check it out over on HowXu's Deviantart, or after the break!

Story Updates 12 October 2017

Special Cover by Quirky-Middle-Child
Today seems to be the day for Short Story Collections! Not only did The "What If..." Project add an entire 4-chapter mini-story, Nick Wilde: Ace Attorney, but Forty Glimpses also added a new short to their collection! Add to that The Masked Fox, Firewatch, Closed Doors, The Translation of Dawn Bellwether, Dusted, and Love's Tales, and you have a lot of great stories to choose from today!

Updated Stories:
Nick Wilde, Ace Attorney (Part of the "What If" Collaboration Project) by Berserker88, Mind Jack
Love's Tales by MinscLovesBoo
Forty Glimpses by CDNCrow
Closed Doors by HawkTooth
Zootopia: Firewatch by BlueLighthouse
The Translation of Dawn Bellwether by Gabriel LaVedier
Dusted by DrekkDeina
The Masked Fox by Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Google Translate sings Try Everything!

Ever wonder what happened to Monkeys and Birds in Zootopia?  We've gotten theories before, but I think we finally know what happened.  They all went and ganged up on Malinda Kathleen Reese's portrayal of Gazelle.  How else can you explain the "motors of the simians"?

Yeah, it's really saying something when the girl known for the Google Translate Sings series (which has covered everything from Queen to Moana) starts off the video saying this is the weirdest one she's ever done.  And it's fantastic!

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go join a biker gang and read a self-help book after the break!

Story: A Bitter Pill

Art by Neytirix

After sustaining horrific injuries during a routine call, Judy undergoes a long, arduous road to recovery that will seriously test her physical and mental resolve. Although she has Nick at her side and is being treated by some of the best medical professionals in the city, will she be able to endure? It's undeniably a grim premise, and at times the plot feels bleak and void of hope, but resilient readers will be rewarded for their patience with some incredible character development, an abundance of tender care, and a compelling journey of catharsis and healing that never loses its emotional intensity, all the way up to its gratifying conclusion. It's a bitter pill of a tale to swallow, but an extremely fulfilling one too. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Ciaconnaa
Description : "Do you'll still want to be a cop? After all this?" Nick asks. The heart rate monitor beeps steadily as she catches her reflection in the blank screen of her phone: broken, bloodied, bruised. She doesn't look like herself, doesn't feel like herself, and quite frankly, she doesn't know if she'll ever be herself again. But she nods anyway, because she thinks that's what Judy Hopps would do.
A Bitter Pill
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Art of the Day #129 - Black & White Style

Late TT entry - Bad (Good) Weather. by Gerardson
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It's a good thing that Judy Hopps and Gideon Grey are now good old friends. Which gives a certain reason for them to stick together even in weather situations.

We from ZNN shall give you another Special Artwork of the Day. This time more Black and White, cause colors does not always make a picture more attractive.

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ZNN Interviews returns with Sprinkah! (Audio-only)

I'm Mad at You But I Still Love You by Sprinkah
Ladies and Gentlemammals, ZNN Interviews are back!  This time, we interviewed the absolutely amazing illustrator and artist behind This Is What True Love Looks Like, Sprinkah!

We wanted to make it a video like the others, but things don't always work out as you want.  We actually recorded this months ago, and we may still do a video of it, they take a lot of time and effort to make.  So, we're giving you another option!  We can do interviews more frequently, but they would be in this audio-only format, or we could do them as videos that take months to put together.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

Give Sprinkah some love over on Deviantart, and listen to the full interview over on Soundcloud after the break!

Story Updates 9 October 2017 - Over 100 "Tails" to choose from!

Today marks a major milestone! Kittah4's "Different Tails", a HUGE collection of short stories, has reached 150 chapters! After a bit of quick calculation, we found that, even including multi-chapter short stories, that's still 105 mini-fics in this one place! So I'd say congratulations are in order for Kittah, simply for being so tremendously prolific!

Also, you know how we used to limit these to 5 per day because we were afraid we wouldn't have enough stories updating? That turned out to be not even remotely accurate, didn't it? I mean, just since last thursday, 10 authors have added new chapters to their stories! Y'all are awesome!

Updated Stories:
Different Tails by Kittah4
How to Treat a Festering Wound by TheCatyweazle
Electric Eldritch Eidolon by ADeadMissionary
Something Stinks by Omnitrix 12
In the Days that Followed / Waters of Atlantea by Ayziks
A Ghostly Love by Fox in the Hen House
Consecution by Tarienn
Take a Stand: Star of Ceartais by Crewefox
...And All That Jazz by WANMWAD
When Instinct Falls by Upplet

New chapters after the break!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Water Under The Burrows, Chapter 8 and Epilogue!

After about 9 months of hard work, talent, and dedication from MisterMead and WriteAnon, Water Under The Burrows is over!  It was never quite the emotional rollercoaster that Judy is Dead put us through, but it had its own unique ups and downs that really goes to show just how fantastic this duo is at long-form comics!  Bravo, MisterMead!  Bravo, WriteAnon!  We at ZNN will be eagerly looking forward to your next project!

If you haven't read Water Under The Burrows yet, get all caught up here:

As usual, you can find the full comic over on MisterMead's tumblr.  Now then, finish off the story with Chapter 8: Water under the Burrows, and the Epilogue: Dance with the Devil!

Hello Bunnyburrow, episode 2! (Comic Dub by the ZDC)

The Zootopia Dubbing Channel is at it again!  The last episode of Hello Bunnyburrow ended with Nick in a bit of a tricky situation (aka under a massive pile of young rabbits), and Episode 2 picks off right where the first left off.  Let's not waste any more time and get right to it!

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ZNN Halloween Art Contest Update #1 (and an Apology for NaZoWriMo)

🎃🎃 by @mortic_ox
We are one week into our Second Annual Halloween Art Contest! We haven't gotten any submissions yet, but that's to be expected. Take your time making your art the best it can possibly be! We've got the prizes in hand, so don't worry about us not sending them to you if you win one- we've got it covered.

You've still got two weeks to send in your submissions to

That said, there have been some concerns raised about this contest, so I think we should address the elephant in the room.
Not you, Francine. Your birthday was a while ago.

No, I'm talking about the last time we ran a big, community-wide event. Namely, National Zootopia Writing Month, or NaZoWriMo. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, last year during the month of November we challenged the fandom to write as much as you can for 30 days straight.

Unfortunately, this did not go well. There was a lack of content submitted, and a SERIOUS lack of work on our end. So today, I'm going to tell you exactly what happened with that. I'm not making any excuses for it- I take full responsibility for the project's failure. But as we begin a second major event, I'd like to start by apologizing for failing you all last year, giving you the full story of what went wrong, and explaining what we are doing to prevent such a failure from happening again.

Read on after the break.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Story: Zootopian Vice

Detective Wilde and Hopps by Kadeart
[Crime][Drama][Humor][Sequel][Incomplete][Rated M16]

Detectives Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are on the case in this high-energy adventure that takes place after the events of Lothar Hex's previous fanfic, "A Reynard's Remorse." Packed with a bevy of twists and turns while deepening and strengthening the relationship between Nick and Judy that developed in its predecessor, "Zootopian Vice" is a strong entry into the Zootopia fanfic canon for those interested in solving a few mysteries along the way. Rated M for language, minor sexual content and some drug references. ~YFWE

Author: Lothar Hex
Description : Judy and Nick are detectives, but their first case isn't something glamorous, it's the simple death of a prostitute. That's how it starts anyway, as the investigation turns out to be anything but simple. Sequel to A Reynard's Remorse.
Zootopian Vice
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