Story: Winter of the Bear

Art by Quirky-Middle-Child

[Rating M16][Adventure][Romance][Drama][Suspense][Sequel]

Brace yourself for the next installment in LagardeRhoade’s Zootopia series, where the stakes are higher, the risk is greater, and the plot twists are even more numerous. Taking place immediately after “The Pursuit,” a series of fateful events compel Nick and Judy to infiltrate a dangerous nation that poses a major threat to Zootopia and its way of life, and while deep in enemy territory, they also have to recapture a wicked adversary of theirs who will do whatever it takes to reclaim his power and get vengeance on them. The foes they face are relentless, and the lands they’re journeying to are ruled by vicious predators who subjugate prey with an iron paw, treating them as mere chattel. 

Epic in scope and absorbing as hell, “Winter of the Bear” doesn’t fail to entertain with its superb cast of characters and brilliant, well-structured storyline. This is exactly what a sequel should be: bigger, better, and more ambitious than its predecessor. ~DrummerMax64

Author: LagardeRhoade

Description :
Following the events of The Pursuit, WotB continues the story of the deadly case Nick and Judy thought they had finished recently. With Rolen still at large, they must find new allies and make choices they will not like if they want to keep Zootopia and their families safe.

Winter of the Bear
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  1. There is one thing about this story, and it's the fact that it's emotionally draining. Lots of stuff happening and a lot of it hits the feels. I would suggest reading it in parts, because trying to read it in one go will make you feel drained.

    Other problem is that it does feel like it drags on sometimes, that author introduces new Diabolus Ex Machima just to prolong things, rather than ending stuff.

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