Story: It Can’t Be Helped

Art by Caliosidhe

[Rating K9][Romance][Slice of Life][Complete]

Had to go to the doctor after finishing this story; my blood sugar content was dangerously high from the unbelievable amount of sweetness contained within. The story is short enough to not drag on, but long enough to get a good narrative going. In addition, the concept of applying real-life animal instincts and behaviors to Nick and Judy is just too cute, and is executed very well. Ultimately, I believe ‘It Can’t Be Helped’ is high in the running for cutest story in the fandom. ~Mordecai

Author: InHerOwnWorld

Description :
In which Nick exhibits vulpine tendencies and Judy is oblivious to what they mean.

It Can’t Be Helped

Additional Tags: Diabetics should check with their primary physician before reading.

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  1. Wow! This is one of those stories that, despite the busyness of my life and against better personal judgement, I find myself sacrificing precious hours of sleep so that I have the time to read! So cute, so fluffy, and written with surprising accuracy to character, this easily showcases why so many of us ship these two! (I mean, I can hear the voice actors saying the lines in my head, and see the scenes as though they're animated. That's rare for me when reading fanfiction!) As an author, I'm jealous of this story. As a reader, I love it!

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