The WINNERS of the ZNN Halloween Art Contest!!!

Halloween! by Ahiru621
After a month of work and planning and coordination, the ZNN Halloween Contest is over!  Now we can finally take a bit of a break!

…Aw, who am I kidding, we can’t wait to do our next big community event!  Stay tuned for info on the Return of NaZoWriMo!

In the meantime, I wanted to give a HUGE thank-you to everyone who participated in our Halloween Contest!  The people who made art, the people who voted, and everyone who spread the word about this contest- thank you all so much!  You’re all fantastic, and we couldn’t have done this without your participation.  We got over 500 votes thanks to you, making the poll, without question, our most successful one yet!

Before we reveal the winners, let me remind you what’s at stake here:

A custom-made stuffed animal of a character in YOUR ART, fully in costume
A copy of the blu-ray version of Zootopia OR a copy of The Art of Zootopia
Funko Pop! Figure of Nick or Judy

Funko Pop! Figure of Nick or Judy

And since the voting was very close (much closer than we expected), we decided to also acknowlege the other entries that got over 100 votes!

Congratulations, all of you!  Now, find out who won the Funkos, and which costume is getting made into a plush, after the break!


190 Votes – The Bunnysher and the Box by J.V. Maus


162 Votes – Ladybun and Fox Noir by SouthParkTaoist
133 Votes – Nick’s Death List by Mr-Punctual
132 Votes – Judy as a Mage by Alps’ Expressions
130 Votes – The Reaper and the Witch by Ardi
124 Votes – A Grave Situation by FeverWildeHopps

122 Votes – Cas-Zoo-Vania by OneGutsyPony
112 Votes – Mickey and Minnie by CharlieMarkInq
112 Votes – Wilde Hunt by TheWyvernsWeaver

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  1. Congrats to the winners! Even though I didn't place (and I knew that I wouldn't as soon as I saw some of the competition) I had fun doing "Judy Is Bunnywise".

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