Comic: Inter Schminter Part 2 and 3 (Original by Spintherella)

Hello everyone, Dominic Faux here!

Today we’re revisiting a rather well known, and slightly older comic. You may know Spintherella, and her comic Inter Schminter. Well, back in August of last year we featured chapter one of this comic. It was just getting started back then; now there are 14 whole chapters and a lot more has happened!

Today, we see the dynamic duo arrive in Bunnyburrow, and just in time for the Hopps Hoedown! But, with the stigma of inter-species relations, how will things go for our favorite bunny and fox duo?

Check the comic out after the break, or over on DeviantArt!

Dominic Faux, signing off!


  1. Prepare for this to swerve wildly off-focus and make Judy and Nick side characters in their own comic.

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