[AMAZING Animation] Wild Games, by ALStiff

What is happening everyone? Fonzi here and I’m back to show you all this incredible video!

This is “Wilde Games” by ALStiff! It’s a Zootopia and Sherlock Holmes crossover, and it’s incredible. It features a unique animation style, with 2D backgrounds but 3D characters. They all move well and it’s just a pleasure to watch overall. While the voice acting is in Russian, it’s nice to listen to and the actors did an amazing job.

Thank you all for continuing to step up your animation and content creator game! Incredible work!

Check out the phenomenal animation after the break!


  1. This is the kind of thing I wish there was more of, but I can see why there's not.
    Animation takes forever to do (I made a 1.5 second animation, and it took 4 hours), but it looks so cool!
    Keep up the good work finding these things!

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