Comic: WildeHopps Civil War AU [PART 6] (By ProgressOfTomorrow)

Dominic Faux here,

Today, our good friend Andy Lagopus is on vacation, so the posts have been taken care by me, with some help from a few of our great ZNN team.

With another month come and gone, I think it’s time for another episode of the Civil War AU comic by ProgressOfTomorrow. It’s been just a little while since the last episode, so if you need to catch back up here’s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

After all that’s happened, what will become of this duo? Or will they even be a duo anymore? The war was a hard time for many, and it still seems to linger in the hearts of those who suffered in it.

Find out what comes next over on Tumblr or after the break!

Dominic Faux, signing off!